Full Version: 503 server error?
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Pages: 1 2 This is what my screen looks like whenever I try to access the Rp, is the server just down for a while or am i just doing something wrong?
The server is just down a while probably, its the same for me
NVM its up again
(08-31-2014 01:34 PM)Alsayen Wrote: [ -> ]NVM its up again

Its not for me :/
Up again for me, too. Has been for roughly an hour.
I've been having it for the last three days off and on. Sometimes for a minutes, sometimes a couple hours.
The server keeps crashing on me, but some of my skype friends can still use it just fine!
So I know this is like way passed discussion time for this, but I still have something to say. I went on the rps listed and alot of the ones I tried, said 503 error. I'd really like to know either why or this get fixed. If it's a problem with the links, can an admin or someone check that out?
My guess would be if there are links to rp groups from before the site overhaul, they could be outdated by this point. Unless the admins are doing a good job consistently checking up on that. I don't know how frequently the groups pages are updated.
Thanks, but maybe let chats advertise in the random chats again. I still cant find a chat that I could stay in for long periods. If anyone has a chat I could join, that'd be great
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