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[[ooc: hey guys this is just an open thread for whoever wants to rp with my dave. no setting, no scenario, just free flowing rp!]

:33 < *ac slips out of her cave, a splash of hoofbeast blood on her claws*
:33 < *with one mouth she licks her fur*
:33 < *and with the other she smiles at tg!*
damn thats hardcore
Hey, what's u--Whoa shit. There's already a bloodbath in here.

i didnt think things were going to get this heated this quickly but hey im down
I'll go grab the sword.
A 8lood 8ath?
And you didn't invite me????????
dude it wasnt even meant to be a blood bath i was just like hanging out then kitty girl over here comes roaring up with some blood on her face and hands and now shits all cray
So Nepeta, seems you still haven't learned to clean up, huh?
If you ask me it's more fun this way, 8uuuuuuuuut it seems the humans don't agree.
dont get me wrong i like a good fight man
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