Full Version: -- PRESENT doritoPsychotic [DP] opened memo “rhymes and puns requests.” --
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-- PRESENT doritoPsychotic [DP] opened memo “rhymes and puns requests.” --
DP: greetings.
DP: i have realized that i have some extra time on my hands.
DP: so i shall bestow upon the internet, my power of rhymes and puns.
DP: ok just go ahead and send me a few topics to make rhymes/puns about and... i’ll probably make them?
DP: that is all.
-- PRESENT garnetiferousConflagration [GC] joined the memo “rhymes and puns requests.” RIGHT NOW --

GC: >>> another poet? how cute <<<
GC: >>> how about we make it into a poetical contest? <<<
GC: >>> first _I_ suggest a topic for you and you make your rhyme and then you make a topic for _Me_ and _I_ amaze you with _My_ clearly superior poetry in return <<<
GC: >>> so without further adding: <<<
GC: >>> your topic is Her Imperial Condescension <<<
DP: challenge accepted. i’ll give it a try.
DP: i’ll keep them short for the time being:
DP: her imperial condescension was a queen of no reproach,
DP: she gave down her orders with an aggressive approach.
DP: no one knew what was on her thought, not any troll,
DP: there’s clearly no path back from the events that had unrolled.
DP: sweet. your turn, GC.
DP: here’s your topic: the alternian sun.
GC: >>> Alternian Sun, as burning as ever <<<
GC: >>> It won't leave us be in peace never ever ever <<<
GC: >>> Its rays are lethal and also deadly <<<
GC: >>> It's destructive ability is monstrous incredebly <<<
GC: >>> So during the day, don't leave your hive <<<
GC: >>> Or our Sun will cook you alive <<<

GC: >>> Well, aren't you simply amazed at _My_ poetry?
DP: indeed impressive!
DP: didn’t really expect finding someone with the same passion as me on the internet.
DP: (maybe i did but that’s irrelevant.)
DP: are you a professional? or would this be just a hobby?
GC: >>> Oh yes, so much yes, sweet validation! <<<
GC: >>> Well, _I_ have _My_ own poetic blog and a book titled Poetical Poems <<<
GC: >>> And _My_ own poeticificial blog <<<
GC: >>> But that's only one of _My_ interests among cold fusion, time manipulating device and ancient literature <<<
GC: >>> _I_ will gladly educate you on all on those highly intelligent interests <<<
GC: >>> All of them <<<
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