Full Version: A paper slip appearifies in front of you.
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A paper slip appearifies in front of you. Something urges you to read the contents, so you involuntarily read it.
”oh uh
hi there
so i... kinda require help
just go ahead and press the button underneath this text if you wanna come along”

There’s a bad drawing of a button.

((I haven’t done one of these in a while. and I’ve learnt how to use an uwu
--> press the bad drawing of a button
((hi hi,,! this here is an in character roleplay, not a fanventure, or it would otherwise be in the fanventure section! though i'll still reply to that command! :]

You press the bad drawing of the button, and before you could have time to even blink, you are transportalized to a dark room. There seems to be others in the room who have only just arrived, too. An ominous voice emerges.
????: hello...
The lights turn on. Two young men stand in front of the new arrivers... except one is all the way in the back, next to the entrance of the room, clicking on the light switch.
RYAN: goddammit eric will you STOP SCARING ME
ERIC: uh. it wasn't even directed towards you.

((if you'd like to join, you can roleplay as one of the characters who arrived via the button, or through other methods! any characters are allowed! just follow the usual roleplay rules uwu
Could one of you two please explain what the heck just happened?
ERIC: we called for your help. wasn't the paper slip clear enough?
RYAN: know that i wrote the slip right
ERIC: right. you have no idea how to explain things.
ERIC: i'll do it.
ERIC: we used technology invented by... one of our friends, to call for help.
ERIC: it's quite microscopic, i'd say.
ERIC: and it's also what got you here.
ERIC: would you like to know why we need help?

RYAN: of course they would you jackass
ERIC: don't mind him. he's always an asshole.
RYAN: i heard that!
Yes I know you two said you needed help but, we don't know what you need help with.
RYAN: well you see
RYAN: a few days ago
RYAN: a player from our session went missing

ERIC: even my time powers cannot see where she is. we've concluded that it was done by someone with intention.
RYAN: no shit sherlock
ERIC: ...i know you're pissed off, but can you be patient?
ERIC: we figured that maybe gathering some players from other sessions would help us in the task of finding her.
ERIC: of course, we did give them a choice whether to come or not.
ERIC: ...hey, ryan, did you give them a choice?

RYAN: uh. heh. yeah
*cue a violetblooded troll who just jumps throw the window, he looks pretty much unremarkable save for steel crown of thorns on his head*

??????: for fuck5ake5 human5, of all po55ible ba5TARd5 to have run into?
??????: i fall thru 5ome temporal hole in a univer5e and i end up who the fuck know5 here and i have a bunch of you pink 5kinned wierdly-haired bea5tblood5 as a company?

The troll then squints right at Ryan
??????: havent i ran into your face before?
??????: given how na5ty you look i probably got 5o 5cared i repre55ed that memory
??????: oh, and a greenblood. what are you all doin in here anyway?
RYAN: for a fact
RYAN: your face does not ring a bell for me

ERIC: oh.
ERIC: it’s you.

RYAN: ? how do you know but not me
ERIC: timeline stuff, you know. and i don’t have the duty to tell you everything i see.
RYAN: right
Eric goes on to explain why they’re all gathered up in here to the violetblooded troll.
Ryan whispers to the olive blood.
RYAN: (hey between you and i)
RYAN: (those two over there they both give me asshole vibes)

??? Whispers back ???: I can agree with that.

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