Full Version: This is a longshot
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I used to be an active member of the forums a while back but I've since forgotten that old account as well as the name so recently I made this new one during the downtime that recently took place.

What I've noticed is that there are a few remaining active members and that's cool and everything, glad to see some people still here but I want to take it upon myself to try and make these grow again.
The forums are actually a really cool place and I would like to see them continue to thrive on even if the site they were originally for had a name change, and even if the admins and mods are currently MIA.
What I am saying is that it would be neat if the few active members, including myself, could sort of come up with a way in order to bring more people in, not just people from the site but people are into Homestuck and MSPA in general. Hell, we may even bring new people to MxRP!
I've brought in a few new members during the downtime of the site, 11 to be exact and I would like to be able to come up with a way in order to make that number grow. The forums are pretty much dead from what I see and if they became active again then maybe there would be a lot more fun to be had here just like old times.
Perhaps we could try and consult MXRP to attract more people? Not in a spammy spam sense, but more in a sort of calm invitation. Like, if a person wants more options for RP or to carry something longer, we could suggest they visit here?
We could try that, however for now we might want to leave staff alone. They have enough on their plate and the site currently is still a little buggy. For now it is best that they deal with one thing at a time, plus this is all new staff, they might not even have any part in these forums.
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