Full Version: Searching on CHERUBPLAY right now
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So if you're on cherubplay right now and are into role playing as Midnight Crew members, Felt members, Exiles, Team Sleuth members, and Monarchs and you would not mind role playing with a Ms. Paint then look no further. I have something posted on the homepage right now with all my prompts that are located in the sites directory compiled into one post and I am currently looking for a good RP buddy since a lot of mine are currently MIA. If you are able to role play as a character I have listed on my profile and one of the prompts interest you (and if you don't like any of the prompts but still would like to role play by just winging it, then go ahead and answer the post on the homepage rather than one in the directory.) then look no further because honestly I thirst for pretending I'm someone I'm not.
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