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Howdy Howdy!

Seasoned, non-judgmental Jane Crocker/Nanna Egbert writer looking to make new connections with other canon Homestuck/Hiveswap/Friendsim RPers!

I can go dialogue-heavy script, action-heavy para, in whatever length you prefer! I'm always workshopping new AU ideas, from near-canon to extremely canon divergent, so hit me up and we can talk about it! I love every genre of RP, and there's very little I won't consider!

Very open about character selection. Faves listed below! I'm also extremely active on Discord if you'd like to add me once we start writing, to make pacing less of a game of chance. Currently working on an AU/prompt masterlist.

• Roxy / Dirk / Jake / Rose / Dave
• Alpha Bro / Alpha Mom / Beta Bro
• Karkat / Kanaya / Equius / Gamzee
• Calliope
• Her Imperious Condescension / The Helmsman / The Sufferer/Signless
• ARquiussprite / Fefetasprite / Gcattavrossprite

• John / Jade / Hal
• Dad Crocker / Dad Egbert / Beta Mom / Grandpa / Grandma / Poppop
• Aradia / Tavros / Sollux / Nepeta / Vriska / Eridan / Feferi
• Caliborn
• The Summoner / The Psiioniic / The Marquis Spinneret Mindfang / The Executioner/Expatriate Darkleer / The Orphaner Dualscar / The Grand Highblood
• Davesprite / Erisolsprite

The Hiveswap and Friendsim characters are new territory for me, interaction-wise, so I won't have much of a preference in regards to them- but feel free to ask me anyway! I'll accept any of them. Really!
hi im a dave rper and i also use discord very yeah!
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