Full Version: I'm not sure where else to ask this...sorry if this is the wrong place...
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Okay so hi I've looked through everything I can think of and I couldn't find any sort of information that answers my question, but mxrp has been down for at least 13 hours now and I was wondering if it's just a maintenance thing or is something actually wrong? Or have I just missed something that said the cause or something? If it's nothing serious, then is there an estimate when the site will be back up? I'm just curious since it's not usually down for this long without some kind of announcement.
Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing. I was just dming with a buddy of mine and setting up a cool thing to RP when it just went down suddenly. Have nooo idea what it's about, and the link just led me to Facebook. PARP's still a service I use regularly so I'm worried if this is apart of some big problem that's gonna take down the site for good, especially since we haven't been hearing anything from mods or admins or anyone, for like, ever.

edit; actually, iirc the forums were down for a bit too. dunno if those are linked. led my friend and me to facebook as well. Honestly kind of worried about the site going down too since it's like the only way I make friends. I'm wondering if it might have something to do with the last post on the official mxrp Tumblr blog though.
what was the last post on the official tumblr?
ummm bc i forgot how to add an attachment, basically it said they couldnt afford to keep the site up and needed help with paying. but idk how long ago it was posted or if the site being down is connected to the post.
Oh wow. and you do [.url= the url here] name it something [/url.] minus the periods but i think that's how you'd do that url link thing
I'm part of their patreon and they make enough each month off of it to keep the site going so I doubt money is the issue, but there's not even been a patreon post since July. So.... hell if I know what's happening. The blog is dead, no mods have said anything on here, this is... honestly stressful to me and my friends who have RPs of sentimental value saved on there.
(12-20-2018 09:18 AM)Kiko713 Wrote: [ -> ]Oh wow. and you do name it something i think.

It's from a year ago so I don't think that's the problem rippo
ah. well i guess we all gotta wait. I use parp as a coping mechinism for my anxiety and it's not really helping it's been down for a how ever long it is now.
Hey! Source from the discord that people with info reside in: Amazon AWS UK (what MxRP uses to host servers etc) is having issues, and it's (presumably) slowly being resolved. No predicted time of return, but it's not gone forever, money isn't the issue.
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