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We should probably talk about volume 18 and the epilogue, starting with... The Legend of Two Lanques! Basically, Real Lanque is (Alternian?) Jade Kankri, and Other Lanque is... what Zebruh wishes he was. that's really all there is to say on the matter Then, there are the twins, who are just a bucket-full of this. But of course, we can't forget the master of weird time shenanigans himself, Doc Scratch(OK, technically, it's LE.), who may or may not have made MSPA Reader go through all of that just so they can end up eventually reading Homestuck. But the REAL question everyone was asking the whole time was this: where did the stump come from, and how did MSPA Reader get to LOSAD (Stumps and Dismay)?
Actually, there is a bit more to say on that subject. I thought that "real" lanque was probably that second one since good Lanque is a bad ending. I might not like him, but he's an interested character to me, more interesting than the pretty cinnamon baby that everyone made him out to be. More complicated, and a better villain! However, I totally get it if you would rather keep the innocent kind cinnamon baby, because he is WAY more likeable. Also, 100/10 props to the sprite artist!!! They did SUCH a great job!!! I hope to see more of them in future, even if the friendsim is over!

Seeing you mentioned Zebruh though, I pose you this; Is Lanque really worse? Don't get me wrong, I think he is undeniably a bad person. But at least he is somewhat more aware that he's not a good person, or at the very least doesn't act all "holier than thou" whilst emotionally abusing his peers... Not to mention, I think there's some justification behind his actions. It doesn't make it morally upright, but he at least has some sort of discernible reason. Zebruh, not so much.

I LOVE the ending! It's a really GREAT segue into homestuck! Not to mention it's not like they really could explain it then and there... Overall, a fitting conclusion! Even if I DID never want to see Cueball again... I wonder where they'll be going from here? Maybe another troll call with seadwellers as foreshadowed (maybe?) on WhatPumpkin's tumblr, or maybe Hiveswap Act Two? The latter seems to be to be way too optimistic though...

So with the friendsim come to a close, who ended up being everyone's favorite troll, and what was your favorite update to the lore and structure of Alternian society? And did any of you actually get your Extended Zodiac sign covered?

Until next time~
Ok so. Here's my reply. To all of what you just said.
"Real Lanque" was just a reference to Ryan Phantom's stream of Volume 18. They probably made him a cinnamon baby so they could ACTUALLY develop ACTUAL Real Lanque's character. That entire second paragraph is also part of the reason why "Other Lanque" is what Zebruh wants to be (i.e. an ACTUALLY INTERESTING CHARACTER THAT PEOPLE WANT TO TALK ABOUT.). And I can just imagine the few people who read Friendsim's Epilogue and didn't (want to) read Homestuck saying, "Oh, so THAT'S the explanation for all of this. Because Homestuck actually explaining something would be impossible." I guess my favorite troll could be either of the Volume 8 trolls (or both, or Polypa, we can't forget that option), but that might change because it's obviously extremely hard to pick a favorite troll. There was also Marvus' thing about Purplebloods being underprivileged, which I never really thought about. I did the EZ, and as you can see from the symbol-thing in the top-right, player badge, and classpect, I got Taurza. (Which is Vikare's sign!)
So, I haven't responded at all to this memo because I haven't played it, but now I've binge watched what there is, so now I can say stuff, yay :D. I guess I'll start with favorite characters, which my top favorite is Chixie. I just loved how in the good ending, she stood up for herself by dissing that group, and how the crowd ate that shit up. Which makes sense, even if she was a bit breathy, she had emotion, unlike that other group. All they did was throw insults without any meaning at her. Just seems like a sort of bad ass thing to do :P. Second up is Tyzias, purely because she clearly wants to change the system, and the conversation she had with the MSAP player in her good ending, and even the conversation she had with Daraya really seemed kind of hopeful. Actually, idk if hopeful is the right word, but more like, hey, everything is shit, but let's try to fix it, even if it's just a little bit, because that's better than doing nothing. Idk, I just really liked those conversations, and her as a character. Polypa is also pretty high as well, along with Tegiri. Actually, I feel like Dirk should meet Tegiri and Polypa, purely because anime. Cirava and Mallek also seem pretty chill as well :P. I also really like Wanshi, because when I was younger, I really like warrior cats. Although, I only roleplayed warrior cats on AJ, but still. As for some interesting routes that noticed, I actually liked Zebede's good route, purely because MSAP reader draws up some similarities between the two, and has a bit of an introspection moment. That being said, Zebede isn't my favorite character. I don't hate him, there are FAR worse trolls than him, but I just don't like him a whole lot. Bronya was probably one of my least favorite routes, not because of her, but because of MSAP Reader, and his actions to get a good ending. I think Bronya is a pretty decent character, but MSAP reader was just a jerk in her good route. Also, the Marvus route was also very very very weird as well. Nothing against him as a character, but I don't get why MSAP seemed to worship him the moment they laid eyes on him. (Also, that sniff option is so so so weird, I need holy water I swear.) As for least favorite trolls, definitely jumping the bandwagon on hating Zebruh and Lanque. Although, I'm not sure who I hate more, and there are definitely arguments for both. As characters, they are definitely interesting, but I still don't like them. Also, the total switch with Fozzer is weird as fuck as well. And Boldir's bad ending where she get poisoned is also pretty weird, and her as a character with all the fate and stuff is also weird, but in a cool way :P.
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