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what are some of you guys’ favourite theme songs from the friendsim ? i actually didn’t know they were songs from the homestuck albums until recently.

It's called Olive Scribe and it's always been one of my favorite tracks besides maybe Pumpkin Party and Umbral Ultimatum :DDDD
does someone have a link to the songs that are played in friendsim?
here’s a link to the songs.
wEll I would say im with ss because nepeta has always been my favorite troll and I love the music that was used for the leijons but name wise its fortnite funny moments epic fails episode 413 because like wtf rly?
ooo, superego is personally my favourite! it's a surprisingly chill vriska track :0
SV: gonna listen to the whole shiz and naut just th ones a the characters i like so i can stop bein so biased-
then again aint that all part a the fun a likin somefin 8:D
Man I'm loving Boldir's music!!
Also Boldir is a precious squirrel child???
(Also man she's a heart player????? what class is she supposed to be??? Maybe Rogue but idk)

And Stelsa is just an absolute mom, she's a sylph if I ever did see one!

I'm a lil confused as to what happened in the bad end of Boldir?? Who is trying to hurt my baby????

Hopefully they go over it in another volume!!

But there were a few moments in that end where they were getting pretty meta, I am rather concerned.

Anyways what did you guys think :DD
If any of you are interested, I made a Hiveswap classpecting thread without knowing this one existed.
Okay, so has anyone else seen the new volume? Spoilers if you havent :)!

Daraya is a prince of hope, pretty much no questions asked honestly. She's a really cool character, and I honestly hope she can handle her classpect better than Eridan did :(

She seems a lot closer to snapping than he was though :(
Poor thing...Still, perhaps Tyzias can help her out, or even MC if they ever get back home :(

Although, this next coming volume is the last one...Man, it's gonna be weird not having these to look forward to! I wonder what'll happen to MC?

Speaking of Daraya's route, what's with jades pretty much not being able to reproduce? I'm confused... Does that effectively make a quadrant with a jade completely useless? If so, why do other trolls fill quadrants with them? Obviously, there's the feeling behind it, but it seems really arbitrary for the empire to restrict that... How do jades even procreate at all?? That seems really weird to me. Even if they somehow reproduce asexually, how do jades have ancestors? Maybe this is a new rule? If that's the case though what's even the point? Man, lemme know what you guys think, maybe I'm missing something obvious XD

And the character art for this volume is SO PRETTY *O*!!!!!!

As for Nihkee, my best bet is a Sylph of Rage, though I'm way less confident about that one compared to Daraya. I reviewed that a while ago, but her rough and tumble drill sergeant and pride in you when you succeed make me think that. Her bad end was really confusing, though. Then again, this is HOMESTUCK we're talking about. The basic story I pieced together was that...

- We go back to Nihkee and do the workout session
- There's an accident and we get her other leg cut off
- She gets royally ticked and chases us around
- We jump in front of a train to escape and she gets caught under it, destroying her body but not killing her
- She gets a new biotech body and is revenge bent, we go to Mallek, Tegiri, and Polypa for help, but it doesn't work out.
- We end up getting killed by Nihkeebot.
I really would have preferred to see that honestly even if Nihkee's route was cool and all!

Overall I really liked it!! Please let me know your thoughts :))!!
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