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thanks ^u^ I don't rEally kEEp up on all of this, I have only played part one of friendsim and idk the new trolls
we’ll gladly get you all up to date with the friendsims, just hope you don’t mind any spoilers though.

also ss, why is polypa a bard of breath ? 0u0

and what do you think jude’s title would be ?
my thing is that ive never played hiveswap or hiveswap frondswim [friendsim]
though id love to its just some facts here and there ycatch
id much enjoy to conchtribute to this and please dont hold back for waterever i may or may naut lake [lack] in knowledge aboat either a these
imho elwurd is my favourite of the troll call trolls but of the entire hiveswap universe-
excuse my informality but theres literally no otter wave to put this
next to the maingill meenah and her imperious condescension [#myqueen] of course

if my quirk and all is too much ill refrain

I saw a great video by my favorite homestuck youtube channel optimisticDuelist so hit that video up if you want explanation XD <-- Link :D

Pretty much the long and short of it is, he is constantly predicting (prophesizing?) about bleak events and conspiracy theories and all that. His life is also marked by loss :(

Also, for Polypa, she used to give relationship advice (relationships being a big blood sign, and giving advice is mirroring her inverse class- the Maid!), but a traumatic event (getting almost murdered) made her abandon the practice, and now she has very few relationships to hold her down, and seems to have big trust issues... (Has no quadrantmate to be her murder pal). Also, her home was destroyed, leaving her to kind of just float, with no place to tie her down. However! She's on a good path now, with MSPA reader becoming a soothing influence her! Also, Tegiri seems to have saved her from losing total faith in others! So that's good! My baby is safe! Bard of Breath is a really tragic classpect and she seems to have been spared the brunt of the impact :D

Also Trizza is Badtm and until I am convinced otherwise she has hurt my children and shouldn't be allowed XD
Jk I wanna see what they do with her XD
Why do you like the Fuchsia lines so much :3?
I'm just curious you don't even have to have a real reason XD

you ARE correct about my whole "i will gladly let all of them step on me and i will thank them"
and as for my lack of reasoning w all of it
i know me about as much as you know me- not much
-you can tell im bein serious cause i aint usin fishpuns-
but ill do my best in explaining

id like to think i see a part of myself in the three of them
or at least- who i wanna be
cause i myself am not that great and convicted and sure about.... a LOT now that i think about it
in all of them- triztriz, condy, and meenah
i WANT to be them so i admire them
i guess....? 8:?

er- obsess over them would be a much more appropriate word
about optimisticduelist's video on jude harley, i saw a great amount of people disapproving of his theory. as for myself, i've been thinking about this quite a lot recently, however i have absolutely no idea what his classpect could be, literally not a single clue.

wow i never really hadn't given much thought on polypa's classpect, that's pretty intriguing.

and yeah trizza is cool. she likes memes and stuff...
also i don't know why but the combination of fuchsia + derse + blood really scares me for some unknown reason like ??
Aww you're pretty great I think :D
But that's really interesting :D
So many of these characters are so pretty and well written and relatable AAAA XD

Also yeah no sinical please be scared that is a terrifying combo tbh XDD

I dunno I like OD's theory be honest probably because I haven't found a better alternative ":3
I'll update it once Act Two comes out (cough cough it's been a YEAR)
its naut terrefyin
its cool!
Person with limitless power from murder moon that relates to relationships, passions, and being tied down.

Yeah, pretty horrifying possibilities """""":>

Witches and Thieves of blood actually scare me tbh XD
whale i tend to find that ish cool
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