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It's a sunny, shining day outside in your suburban neighborhood. You've been waiting for something in the mail to arrive but, alas, it hasn't come in. Despite this, you are still overall neutral without it. Your friends will have to hold on without you.

YOU! Yes, YOU! Are a shitty little kid on the internet, looking for something to do.

> Enter Name
> logan paul.
> Mike Roch
> Mike Roch

Hugh Janus isn't here Mike, go away.


> Logan Paul


Let's try that again

>Insert Name: Mark Applede
> mark applede.
> Mark Applede

You are now Mark Applede, a 13 year old living in a clean suburban household. Your mother died 2 years ago on this very day of April 17th, but that will not halt you or your noble purpose, Photography.

Looking at your computer, you see that you have quite a backlog of messages to go through. You also know that today is mail day, and the game you ordered 3 weeks ago is shipping today. Your father should still be at your mother's grave, mourning, which gives you some free time. What will you do?

> Catch up with Friends
> Remember your Mother
> Check the Mail
> remember your mother
> Remember your Mother

You decide to look at your dresser and see a family photo of your Mother, your Father and you yourself. You tenderly touch the photo, remembering the good times, when your mother was still around. She was always busy, meaning you didn't see her often, but when you did you always had boatloads of fun. Then, one night she was allegedly hit by a truck on her way back from her job to visit you. You've been holding yourself responsible for the death, despite everyone telling you that it's not your fault, but that doesn't change much, you can't stop feeling this way.

You decide to place your photo down, as you still haven't set up your own Fetch Modus yet. You should get to that before leaving your room, now that you think about it.

>Set up Fetch Modus
>Catch up with Friends
>Check the time
> check the time
>Check the time

It's time for you to get a watch!

No, seriously, efficiently telling time on the go is impossible with no watch. You decide to instead using your handy dandy computer clock to tell the time.

10:58 AM EST. Great.

Your father is definitely going to be home soon, and also probably going to fall asleep, restricting the amount of noise you can make.

Since you are already at your computer, you decide to use it and waste some time.

> Surf the interwebs
> Catch up with chums
> Admire cameras that you will never buy
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