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I don't know what I'm doing. Honestly. I'm just randomly typing crap here. I guess this would be ironic. At least, by Dave Strider's definition of "ironic". I don't even know.
You may notice that's the title of this memo. Because I don't. I have no clue what I'm doing with this. Some guy offered to go here so now I am here. Because the guy told me to. And I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do.
I'm like... idk, I'm like, let's say, Bruce Willis wandering in a cave or something. He's got his Santa Machine Gun or whatever, and he's also a psychiatrist who recently found out that, yes, he is a ghost. He also has a blindfold. If you don't understand the two references above go watch Diehard and The Sixth Sense right f**king now.
So yeah. I guess... well I am personally a fan of paragraph RP, meaning WRITE IN FULL SENTENCES. Sorry. Just had to clear that up. So I guess this is gonna be a paragraph RP.
Aight. Let's do this.

Chapter 1
One beautiful Sunday morning, a young boy stands in his room. This boiy is getting ready to go to church or whatever. Because that's apparently what normal people do. So he gets in his car with his dad and some green package or whatever, and they drive off to church or someplace.

(HINT: Write what happens next!)
Chapter 2

It has been three days since the incident. The young boy and his father were driving to church. When they got there, the father found his son had gone catatonic. He was taken to the hospital, where it was revealed that he was, indeed, in some sort of comatose.
This is all your faults. Yeah, you guys. This is all your fault. By not saying what happens to the boy (in paragraph RP format) he may never live to see the sun again.
Write now if this boy shall live to see the day.
the boy wakes up in the hospital. he is trying to remember what happened, he remembers getting in the car, probably to go to church, he remembers that it was Sunday, and so it would be perfectly natural for him to have been going to church, he also remembers a green package, he is trying to remember what was in the package, maybe that has something about his current state
The doctors rush over and see that, indeed, the boy has woken up. They say it's a miracle. The father rushes over to the boy and embraces him. The boy then asks after the green package, upon which the father says he accidentally lost it. Determined to be reunited with the mysterious package, the boy sets off on a journey with nothing but a backpack, water, cake, a poster for the Con Air movie, and his trusty magical hammer of the faraway candied lands.
after leaving the hospital, the boy tries to recall the last place he saw the package… but unfortunately couldn’t recollect anything before the incident. just then, the boy realises he didn’t even say farewell to his own father! he nevertheless eats a piece of cake as to remind him of his old man (even though it wasn’t so tasty). just then, he notices in the distance a group of kids appeared to be heading his way.
The boy walks up to the group of children. Their names are [BLANK], [BLANK] and [BLANK]. They are friendly and to the boy, who tells them his own name, [BLANK].

(Note: Next person to post can fill in the blanks.)
they boy who we now know to be Alex starts talking to the other boys

Alex: Hey, have you seen a green package anywhere? i have lost it, and I would be very grateful if it were found
[blank]: nah, havnt seen no packages anywhere, i'll tell me peeps to keep an eye out, but no promises
Alex: thanks man, just let me know if you see anything

the other boy who seems to be the leader of this other group of children nods his head, and Alex thinks of walking away. Alex thinks this conversation is over, and that's what normal people do when a conversation is over. right?
alex thanks the group of kids and follows his gut thus walking away. but somehow he can’t shake the feeling that he is going to see them again or that he has seen them before. just then, he catches a glimpse of a bright green object laying on the concrete on the other side of the road. he ponders whether or not he should head over there.
Alex walks over to the green thing while the three kids (known as Ruby, Luke and Jill) watched from the sidewalk.
It is... oh lord... it's the...
It's the LIME-FLAVORED POPSICLE LYING ON THE ROAD. Seriously, what did you all think it was going to be?
In any case, Alex captchalogues the popsicle into his Sylladex, and starts to continue on his way when he realizes it is very dark out. With nowhere else to stay (as he is a long way from home) he asks the three children if he can sleep over at their house. They all live in separate houses, but Luke takes Alex to his house.

[Image: kids_by_lesighthelistwizard-dckuwif.png]

Pic of the Kids
as they are heading towards luke’s house, the two boys begin to chat. eventually, luke mentions that they should exchange phone numbers just in case (plus he was very cool). but unfortunately for alex, he doesn’t have a phone. nevertheless, he scribbles the number on the back of his movie poster. upon arriving at the house, alex asks where are luke’s parents as they are nowhere to be seen.
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