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Hehe thanks :DD!!
I'm glad you like it, let me know if you need help with anything else :)
Do you think you could do something for a Sylph of Rage?
(08-21-2018 12:15 PM)pickedPocket Wrote: [ -> ]Do you think you could do something for a Sylph of Rage?

Yeah sure thing! I'll try to have it done within a week :)

Do you want my full two cents or just a specific element of the Sylph :?
HM maybe the full two cents?
I'd say let's try and keep the sylph on the positive side of things, a lot of rage players I've noticed try and go the evil/Gamzee rout which doesn't always work for me. Maybe some sort of spooky powers they could have? If your up to that.
Certainly! I'll do my best. I'll be balanced, for sure, Rage players get a bad reputation a lot of the time... Anyways, thanks :)
Well, this is taking much longer than I thought ":O
Life stuff is taking up a lot of time ":/
I'll get this done over this weekend, sorry for all the wait ":(
Hey no problem.
I've been rather busy as well with wedding stuff with my sister.
The Sylph of Rage: Probably World's Best Kismesis and Drill Sargeant.

OKAY! FINALLY, the Sylph of Rage :D

So the Sylph part would make her (I'll just use 'her' for simplicity's sake, but Sylphs can be either, gender doesn't matter :3) a mom friend. Sylphs will happily give their opinion about all things their aspect. Sylphs are also big meddlers. Their challenge is usually to know when to interfere and when to stand back, or more specifically when to act upon their opinions and when not to. Kanaya by endgame is a good example of a pretty balanced Sylph. Sylphs will meddle not be bothersome, but because they genuinely believe that they can help (most of the time).

There is more to sylphs than their ability to heal and help, though. A truly hurt Sylph can turn from a passive helper to a very active force to be reckoned with, unapologetically making their presence known and feared. In this sense, they're a lot like mother bears. This trait will probably be very apparent in a Sylph of Rage!

So how about rage? Well, rage deals mainly with negative emotions (primarily hate and fear), skepticism, upending beliefs, and rejection of the norm. They are revolutionaries, and can be very powerful. I know that sounds rather dreary, but where would we be in a world with no fear or skepticism? Those things hold us back from making dangerous or stupid decisions! Though no one likes to be scared, it has proven key to our survival. Where hope is blindly believing, Rage is stepping back and being skeptical. Rage isn't a perfect aspect, such is the nature of such things, but it isn't as bad as people think. Common motifs for a rage player are the ideas of "demons", in all sense of the word, stubborn immobility, and falsehoods.

So what would these traits look like working in tandem?

Personality and Journey:
So as for personality, the Sylph of Rage would be all about tough love. They would criticize you for your own good, to make you grow, but could run the risk of being very callous about it. They could be overbearing, kind of like a drill sergeant, and could easily be very intimidating. The Sylph might even just call you out for doing something wrong, but be unable to offer sufficient instruction on how to correct it, due to Rage's leanings to tearing down what they don't like rather than building upon what they do like. They don't do this to be cruel though, and I don't know if I can stress this enough, but they would most likely think that calling people out would make them better, and they could learn to improve that way. However, depending on who they're dealing with, this could go terribly. I especially advise keeping this Sylph away from any Pages that struggle with insecurity rather than an inflated ego":|

That being said, the Sylph would also be a very efficient mentor in any areas they are knowledgeable about. Here, they could provide both criticism and positive feedback, and would really shine as they developed this!! This sylph, while critical, would probably still be warmhearted, and to those they are affectionate with will likely soften the blows of any criticisms.

They also might compete with others in order to motivate them to improve, inspiring hate/anger in them to heal their skills or to help them recover from any emotional blows the sylph might have landed. A Sylph of Rage would be critical, yes, but not necessarily condescending. They would may not see people as below them, and even if someone was atrociously bad at something they'd still want to help, even if the Sylph herself is actually much better at it. (which is very reminiscent of how black relationships work to be honest "XD)

The Sylph would be pretty stubborn in her methods, too, and is probably pretty creative with her insults/ways of competing (after all, they invite the creation of rage, and would do what it takes to inspire that rage!)

Power Set:

Okay so the Sylph would literally heal rage passively. That could look like inspiring rage in their team members, whether literal anger to be used as a source of motivation, or skepticism and fear in their enemies that could cause infighting. They can also heal with rage, which I would imagine could look like some very aggressive care taking of others. They would heal others while being motivated by fear of losing loved ones or anger at those who hurt their friends. I imagine they would be good at healing especially life threatening (scarier?) injuries once god tiered with their powers, but for lighter injuries they would have to use regular old fashioned medical knowledge, though that's really up to you! I believe all Sylphs once god tiered have an innate healing power, so maybe they heal especially well with heavy, messy injuries. I could also see them being really good at healing others in the thick of combat as well.

For something of a "Special Ability", I imagine a Sylph of Rage having a General ability. In times of wavering conviction, the Sylph would be able to take charge, renew vigor as well as renew health or buffing armor.

Let me know if there's anything else that I missed!
hey do you do explanations on fraymotifs (like how they work, possible combinations...)
(09-04-2018 05:02 AM)sinical Wrote: [ -> ]hey do you do explanations on fraymotifs (like how they work, possible combinations...)

Oh boy given the fact that i didn't even know what a fraymotif was until I looked it up just now says a lot, but I'll look into it and see if I can help! There's probably better resources out there though to be honest because any knowledge I'm getting will be just stuff I'm picking up from the good old internet.

The long and short of it is maybe but probably not right now because I will have to do some research into it! Thanks for asking :)

If you were just needing a basic concept, I'll refer you to the wiki!:
It's actually pretty riveting stuff.
I can help you think of what sort of power/move you or your characters could use as well as how they could combine though!
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