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Heya everyone!
Names Lexi, or Alexis either one works. Thought I'd put together a roleplay for people to join if they were interested. Feel free to add your own characters, but let's cap it off at around 4. Any more and I'm afraid I might get overwhelmed; this is my first time RPing in this style after all :D Let's all have fun, okay?


A young girl stands in her bedroom. It seems that today, the 7th of July is this young girl's birthday, and she has just turned 16.

What is this young girl's name, anyway?
>falling stardom
What? What kind of name is that? She supposes it's a cool enough name, for one who studies the OCCULT... but that's not her name. She stares at you, crossing her arms.

>Ask name
>Try again
>ask name. or else this wont get anywhere
She blinks and thinks for a moment, before holding up a small slip of paper and pointing to what's written on it. "Alexis Amherst". Seems that's her name. She puts the paper away. Oh, it looks like there's a message waiting on Pesterchum from one of her friends.

>Answer message
>Put it off and explore the room you're in
>answer message
>Answer message
If she really must... she saunters over to her desk and takes a seat at her laptop. Sitting down, she picks up what looks like an eyepatch and places it over one of her eyes, presumably to protect that eye from the light of the screen or assist in reading what's on it. Possibly both. She then opens the pesterchum application to respond to the message.

>Be someone else
>Be Someone Else

You are now A young boy with some really Steven Universe-esque hair. What's your name?

>enter Command.
>Steve Martin
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