Full Version: Into The Cosmos
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Need another cool place to hang out? Head out into the Cosmos, where the dreambubbles are neat and the hangouts are sweet.

A new group chat where the setting changes every once in a while, usually featuring a new land of random design.

Fantrolls, kids, cherubs, and fanspecies are welcome. Homestuck and non-fandom ocs are preferred, if they can fit into the Sburb setting! Script and paragraph style are both allowed. A generally pretty lax place where most individuals are welcome.

It's too early to say when the most active hours are, but your host is usually around and available a whole lot of hours. A relaxed place to get your rp fix.
hm interesting
i mean i am interested or sth i dunno.
It should be mentioned that the current setting is a large theatre!! There are no plays ongoing, but it's cool to chill at a fancy place every now and again!
This sounds fun! How does one join?
Easy!! Just read the setting and set ur ocs free! Hopefully more people will come around so it can be a bit more fun!
i am still interested but..
Where is the link to chat aka tó setting or sth?
Because there is no link in post
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