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>Clean room

You grab a nearby leafblower that you use to clean out the bird cages, blowing the layer of gothic clothing to the sides of the room, revealing your laptop hiding beneath a particularly large pile of studded belts. The Pesterchum icon blinks with a new notification from a recent memo you've followed for awhile since you discovered it.

>Check notifications
>accidentaly be earl
okey, you are accidentaly earl cause you HAVE to let the other your friends know about your existence and that you have the game already. so, thats it.

>check pesterchum
>be dash again to respond to the memo
you're dash again and you're insomnia is being a bitch and you can't sleep

>Pull curtain over squawking birds and respond to memo.
>turn the lights off to let anyone who's still awake that you're asleep so that you don't get caught

>stop thinking so much and present the others one of your plans.

Ok, you are now lucy and you finally have created one of your plans. You are sure you are ready to present it to the others.

>hug your plush and lower down the brightness of your screen

> Become Raye and check your game files.

You become Raye and decide that your game's file may be a bit of help. As you open up the SBURB game files, you see a memo has been opened in your Pesterchum. You'll respond later. Looking in your files, you see a certain text file stating only a few simple things.


You decide to read the majority of the memo and respond.

>be the fandom trash kid

>be again Lucy and respond to the memo again

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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