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>be someone else

You are now a girl that draw something... draw... that are not drawings by the way. it looks like architectural blueprints and plans. ok, and her room is filled with that things too. She loves them by the way, she creates as many of them as it is possible. But today is important day, cause she plans something more important than just these all blueprints. But before it happens, to make you be fully her, you have to know her name. what is her name according to you??

>enter name
>enter name

>cass aventha
>cass aventha

She makes an facepalm hearing that. No, that is not her true name. But she reveals it, and that is "Lucy Andrade"

You are Lucy Andrade. You love to make PLANS and BLUEPRINTS. you are young ARCHITECT and drawing architectural plans is no a big deal for you. You like to plan your steps in this world CAREFULLY and you CREATE MANY PLANS for important events in your life. you give respect to these who think twice before starting action. Your current plans involve playing the 'fictional" game. yes, you got sburb too but you don't think it is real. it has to be a prank, but you have to be sure. your next step is probably talking to your friends and asking about it.
by the way, your chumhandle is carefulPlanner.

>pester your friends
>once again look at the sburb disc

(by the way what classpects do we have already ? cause its good to know, we dont want to duplicate the classpect, right ??)
>pester your friends

(yes although both me and rainy are void players but we both got different classes so having the same aspect but different class is ok)
>pester your fiends

>be someone else and pester lucy back

(sorry, i just can't talk in pesterchums as your characters, to do it i need its character description at least lol. anyway i decided to pester ?? what means that she send the messages to everyone and someone else can get the message and pester her back. you can talk as her by the way, i am just too afraid to talk as your character without the description, what i suppose you didn't gave them)[/color]
>be someone else and pester lucy back

you are now dash!
you scroll pesterchum for anyone to ask if they also got the sburb delta disc

you come across someone called carefulPlaner and they posted something about getting a sburb disc

so this isn't a prank
at least not likely anymore

you sigh and walk back to your bed which isn't far let's be honest
you keep waking up for some reason and you can't get at least 5 minutes of sleep without waking up
you lay there on your bed and try to get some actual sleep

>be someone else
>hi someone else, im dad

He's dad - Wait, no. He's a young lad, surrounded by cothurnal aesthetics, goth posters practically on top of each other, floor littered with various clothes of differing uses, but all sharing the same bleak sable that hung around the room. Even now, a horror movie droned in the background, the old television at the foot of the bed lapping with the static of an old VHS player.

But this kid doesn't seem too down about any of this at all.

>Enter name
>enter name

>cory rodgers
(06-12-2018 08:54 PM)lightningFox Wrote: [ -> ]>enter name

>cory rodgers

Wow. You nailed it. Except for the part where you didn't. The kid looks super somber now, an incredible feat with previously happy demeanor surrounded by his leather jackets and skinny jeans.

Your name is LYLE MORELLO. You live in the HELLA SWEET PENTHOUSE overlooking a RATHER LABRYNTHIAN CITYBLOCK. You haven't been able to EXPLORE or MAP these INTRICATE ALLEYS for MANY YEARS due to your CRIPPLING ALLERGY to SUNLIGHT and OVERPROTECTIVE UNCLE. So you choose instead to WASTE YOUR TIME on RPGS and other GAMES, most of which are VIOLENT AF.You've acquired a TASTE FOR THE MACABRE, and enjoy ACTIVITIES that make you look like a BADASS such as DUELING and TRYING ON GOTH OUTFITS YOU'LL NEVER GET TO SHOW ANYONE but your CAPTURED BIRDS.Oh yeah, you like to SET TRAPS on the BALCONY, made out of KITE YARN and BALLOONS.You have plenty of LARGE ORNATE CAGES and BIRD FEED, so why not fill them?

Your strife specious is rbbrbllkind, a bouncy ball that managed to reach your bedroom window one fateful evening. It hurts pretty bad to be hit by, so you saved it in case you every take up a hobby of throwing it out your window at various passerbies on the streets below.

>Use your leather jacket to become a sugar gliding bastard shitting on pedestrians below.

The temptation, l'appeler du vide. It haunts you. But you fight it.

>Be another kid
>be another kid

you're dash yet again and you can't manage to sleep properly

you go back onto pesterchum and make a post or memo about the sburb delta disc and you hope that someone will find it and see it

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