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>ask name
You ask politely for the kids name and he answers you. "Earl Colbert" he say.

You are now Earl Colbert. You are having SOCIAL CONTACT problems and talking to others is hard to you. In real life at least. But you are stick to other your friend, even internet friends. you love PLAYING GAMES and ROLEPLAYING. Your roleplay characters are really great developed. both in your roleplay and real life you focus on making SHIPS AND RELATIONSHIPS cause it is really important for you. you are kind of PARANOID when it comes to your connections with others, you are afraid to not do sth bad and lose the relationship. You love to CREATE SHIPS of your and your friends roleplay characters. Sometimes you ship your friends and the ships you imagine are OFTEN TRUE or will be true in the future. you love to talk about relationships and helping your friends with their relationships. last times you keep having bad dreams and nightmares about some your friends. you see red, bloody shadows, mostly dead or dying or something.but one night you saw some of your internet friends being dead because of the meteor bombarding. weird. But that are only dreams, isn't it ?

So, what will you do now ??

>get back to sleep
>look on your shipping charts
> Look on your Shipping Charts
>look on your shipping charts
Well, you look on your shipping charts. the charts are segregated into real-life charts and rolaplaying charts. You look quickly on real-life charts, two of your friends seems to be close to themselves, you predict they will soon become a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, its main of your ships in real life. then you look on roleplaying chart. oh my, your roleplay character is now going to marry the other one. oh well... but you feel sometimes sad, cause you are sure, that by this relationship you destroyed others. but thats only roleplaying relations, they are not real, you have to remember it. sometimes you forget. So, thats all you think... oh WAIT just now someone is pestering you.
>check pesterchum and answer
>accidentaly stop being earl before the plot will become more interesting and be someone else

(by the way how works pesterchum talking ? i mean... one user talk as characters of two users ?? i dont know really)
(and one thing, i saw "moiral" word. as long as we are humans and we did not met any troll than would tell us about the quadrants i think we should not know this word.)
>accidentaly stop being earl before the plot will become more interesting and be someone else

(well yes but the setting in the story takes place in the present day, homestuck is a comic, people cosplay and whatnot and since some of the kids are homestuck fans we use the terms from the webcomic just like i call rainyOak my moirail owo)
> Accidentaly stop being Earl before the plot will become more interesting and be someone else

You accidentally stop being Earl and have now ended up being Raye.

You are sitting on your bed, having moved to a more comfortable place to search about "Sburb". So far, your only luck has been links to a comic you remember Dash talking about called Homestuck. Dash had told you about their romance squares, the trolls, the kids, and this caused you two to start calling each other Moirails, the comic's term for "soulmates, but instead of a relationship, it's friendship." One of the sites you were lead to had a Reddit forum post about some users fantasizing about if the game was real.

Needless to say, you were getting sick and tired of seeing "lore" and "fantasy" instead factual information about this very real game you had laying right next to you.

> Continue to read about the lore.
> Pesterchum someone new.
>Continue to read about the lore
> Continue to read about the lore.

You scour the internet for hours, reading up about an apocalypse of meteors the game brings on when a session successfully starts. A player must hook up with a server player, and reach a place called the Medium before the meteors destroy your world. The only world you have known is destroyed, and once you get past the Medium you land on some random planet. Most of the forums, stories, and wikia pages don't go into too much detail.

Geez, talk about fantastic.

A ding sounds off from your pesterchum. What will you do?

> Be your IRL antisocial self and ignore it for now.
> Answer whoever it is.
>Answer whoever it is

>Be Dash
you are now dash!

you went through the last talks you had with rainy and you realized that they were having trouble with sburb, a fictional game that you have notes about, literally, you have a notebook on everything in it from sprites to echeladders, you decide to pester rainy about this and help them out a bit

you stop pestering your moirail and lay down on your bed for some rest
you don't know why but you're getting sleepy more easily and more often
but anywho you pull the blankets over you and close your eyes and drift of into the peaceful darkness

>be someone else
(i could give here my other (and last lol) fankid, but)
(aren't two human characters too much for one user ??)
(by the way i don't think that more users will come, i dont predict that)
(as a suffering prophet of the society (blood xD) i can tell that my prediction have sense and they happens.. and i dont think anyone will come here... at least not soon)
(and one more thing)
(as for the pesterlogs)
(i don't understand how one user can talk as two characters talking)
(that are not both his characters)
(you know, it works when you are in real friends and you both know your characters great)
(but outsiders like me feel somehow strange with it)
(and i feel not well with that, just the sburb players are mostly friends and now... i see only two friends, the rest is mostly not-related...)
(that hurt me)
(i mean)
(i would like to get an explanation how at example i could use the pesterlogs)
(unless using my own to characters..)
(oh, that was really long ooc text)
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