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> be dash
you are now dash again!
you check pesterchum
it's your moirail! raye! or rainy as they like to be called

>go to check the door
>get your baseball bat
>Get your baseball bat.

You never know who... or what could be at your door.
>get your baseball bat

you head to the corner of your desk
there it is your baseball bat!
the one you used for halloween and decorated with some paint and markers to make it seem as if you just murdered someone
anywho, time to get down to business

you walk down stairs and open the door

and you find a package!
a green box with a letter taped to the top

you wonder who it could be from
none of your friends know your address so who could it be from

you ponder for a moment before taking it inside and heading to your room

>be raye again
>Be Raye Again

You wait patiently for Dash to get back. You look out your large window, and are just in time to see the mailman setting a green package on the porch. He rings the doorbell and gets back in his van, driving off.

You already know the contents of the package; you had only ordered one thing earlier this week.

> Retrieve package
> Change out of day old hoodie
>retrieve package
> Retrieve Package

You run down your house's excessive flights of stairs, and unlock your auto lock. You open both glass and wood doors and grab the package. Closing the door with your foot, you run upstairs, ripping open the package. Sure enough, your random, untitled video game lays inside, waiting for you to play. The tension had been killing you for weeks even since GameStop had announced an event to send 1 random, untitled game to each of it's subscribers.

You almost plug it in, but are stopped by a terrible smell. You smell you hoodie, and only now your own stink is setting in. You need to change, you filthy heathen.

> Change out of day old hoodie.
>change out of day old hoodie
> Change out of day old hoodie

You take off the navy blue hoodie your dad had gotten for you in Italy. You take a new hoodie off of a hanger and throw it on, throwing the old one in the laundry bin.

You don't know why you don't wear this black and purple hoodie more often, you love the design.

> Play Unknown Game
> Pester Dash
>play unknown game
> Play Unknown Game

You plug in the disk, but a screen flashes up.


This screen flashes for a bit, so you sigh and close the application. Maybe Dash'll know what to do and what Sburb is.

> Pesterchum Dash
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