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hello everyone!
name's dash, i wanted to start a roleplay that all are welcome to join
you may have more than 1 character in this roleplay but no more than 7
alrighty, let's get started

a young kid stands in their room they just turned 13 a few days ago
what is the name of this kid?
> dozy schmuck.
>dozy schmuck
when you try and enter the name the box where you fill in the name seems to be covered in tape by the kid, and they look kinda pissed off

>ask name
>try and pry off the tape
>ask name
>ask name
you ask the kid their name

they hold up a piece of paper with the word "Dash" on it
you guess that's what they like to be called or that's their nickname

oh! someone is pestering them!

>check pesterchum
>look for your baseball bat
>check pesterchum
you sit in your chair and check pesterchum

>be someone else
>be someone else

You are now viewing a messy room. Clothes are gathered in a pile in the middle of the room, as two glitter therapy jars sit on the window sill of a large open window. In this middle of this mess you see a kid sitting at a desk, laptop set out in front of them.

What will the name of this kid be?

>enter serious name
>enter shitty name and watch the flames
>enter serious name
you watch the kid for a moment before entering some name

> raye oadea
yeah seems fitting
you guess...
> Raye Oadea

The kid seems surprised that you got it right without knowing who they were.

Their attention is drawn away by the sound of ping on their computer. It was a message from one of their buds, Dash.

> Raye: Read Pesterchum with Dash
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