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chose character

>savior of the wastes: Tavros
>violent evil star: Equius
>Holywoman of hokuto: Kanaya
>unfair hand of hokuto: Karkat
> violent evil star: equius.
(04-21-2018 05:28 AM)sinical Wrote: [ -> ]> violent evil star: equius.

Order. that wa what you wanted.
To bring peace to the wastelands with an iron fist. even if it meant slaughtering innocents. you felt it necessary to steep top any low necessary. to restore the world to it's former glory.

are you sure this is the path you wish to take?

(you will be able to play through the other characters after finishing equius' first chapter)
(04-21-2018 03:26 PM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote: [ -> ]> YES, PATH CONFIRMED

Chapter 1: heart

you wake up to the sound of marching, just as you have since the bombs fell. You had, over the course of some years. had managed to build an army six thousand strong. and counting. though you did have difficulty keeping them all in line from time to time. you couldn't really be everywhere at once. after all. none the less. you exit the makeshift carriage to see your men walking along the wartorn roads. nothing too out of the ordinary in sight. your soldiers continued their treck to the destination of your next conquest.
> ask about the next conquest for additional information
(04-21-2018 04:16 PM)trueboomer160 Wrote: [ -> ]> ask about the next conquest for additional information

you , being the one who gave the orders for the march, already know what you were doing, It was simply the next closest village after the one you had taken over previously.

you were a uniter. one who's job it was to bring men together weather it be through violence or diplomacy. But having your reputation helped.

You, equius zahhak, were known for being a merciless conquerer, but also a very fair ruler. many would bow and join your armies before having to face you, and those that didn't had all fallen by your hand. one after one
> check the conditions of your men
(04-21-2018 04:57 PM)trueboomer160 Wrote: [ -> ]> check the conditions of your men

they're pretty decent for the time being. besides you outnumber the villagers fifteen to one

but then you see them, the outlaws.

truthfully enough you could beat their leader and recruit the rest. But you would rather just get the day over with quickly.

you go alone, the rest of your men were mostly there for the subjugation of others. to non lethally injure your enemies and then force them under your command, for actually killing your foes , just you alone was more than sufficient.
> wield your weapon and get ready for an easy duel!
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