Full Version: Group Chat Ad! Alpha trolls punk AU
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Quote:Kids stay on Beforus instead of playing the game, run away from various things they've got to run away from, start a punk band. The punk band may also lead to a real revolution. Kankri's not going to let it not be socially correct [...] and intensely political.

[...] This rp is gonna be taking Kankri seriously, and he's a rebellious teenager who gets to channel that differently, with friends who run off with him and are angry and happy and stupid together. The aim isn't direct Signless parallels but man if they managed to spread a greater genuinely impactful counterculture movement that'd be rad as fuck. Kankri cares about this as an actual mission, as much as it's a band. [...]

ey so you'll notice Cronus and Aranea aren't tagged. I like roleplaying with them a lot, but with this particular prompt I'm just not feeling it I suppose? I'm looking more for the dynamics I tagged, not for any particular reason other than "I want it this way."
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