Full Version: getting back into rping?
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idk anymore guys

i used to be really into rp ... like a lot. i want to get back into it again but one, i have really no interest in rping canon characters, two i'm afraid i'll be so shit that everyone will hate my ass and three, i'm always busy or get disinterested easily in really anything (see cosplay)

any tips? like on how to perhaps nullify my weird anxiety surrounding me not appearing good enough in the eyes of total utter strangers on the internet or tips on how to have interested in something for longer than .4 seconds at a time?

or hell, does this apply to anyone else? fuckin let's talk BRAH
I know exactly what you mean. Though there's one thing I'm interested in because you didn't mention it: do you only rp (and/or cosplay) Homestuck? Or basically focus on one fandom only? Because it stagnates. You're doing the same thing, over and over again. You don the shirts, you don the horns, repeat. Eventually, you get tired of it, obviously.

My suggestion? Step out of the fandom. Tiptoe into some other ones. In just the past... what, half a year(?) I've somehow gone from almost strictly a Homestuck to maybe 5 or so other fandoms. I also have a roleplay buddy that I rp'd Homestuck with for quite a while. Then I got into new fandoms and was surprised we shared them, so it led to FRESH, UNEXPLORED RPS! NEW CHARACTERS, NEW MECHANICS, NEW AUS TO TRY, ALL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! COMES WITH COSPLAY TOO!

Just jump on parp and turn the character filters off as a new character! You'd be surprised at people you find.

Okay that aside, I hope you get what I mean. ^^" Find other things (read: fandoms) that entertain you. Don't like one? Move on to the next one. Ask your friends for suggestions; that alone got me a whole cosplay group with some friends and about 30 planned variations of our group, which I'm extremely hyped for.

I guess all of that kind of applies under the condition that you've had Homestuck as your main fandom for a long while. Sorry for going off on a tangent if that isn't the situation. :'D
to adress your other concern of having no interest of RP'ing a canon character, may i suggest creating your own OC's?

A) they are transferable, if you get into other fandoms, you dont have to work on learning a new character
B) they are fun to create, you dont have to be confined to the confines of cannon, and play as whatever you want(just dont make a mary/gary sue)
C) they tend to spice things up, as while playing an OC, you tend to play with other OC's, and so while the world is the same, as long as everyone isnt in their own bubble, no two stories will ever be the same.

if you need help with creating OC's, may i suggest another forum site that is no more dead than this site, who specializes with OC's.
aha thanks for the replies ya'll. to summarize my problem some more.

- i've been a bit wishy-washy with the h.s fandom for a while. i was really into SU and SVTFOE for a while so i 'left' and started doing fandom things there. i think my issue really is that h.s and hiveswap do get boring ... like i love them but fuck me, that shit isn't forever you know?

- i think what i'm gonna go ahead and do is leave the h.s fandom for a bit. not leave the forums persay, but just leave my OCs and my cosplay for a while and focus more on other fandoms. i think the fresh breath of air will help my rp and my mind in general.

thank you again. i'm gonna go check out that oc website. thanks for the rec, brah
You don't have to leave! It makes me sad to see people leave; just... put it on the side. ^^ You're still a fan, you can't just erase the fact you were part of something so phenomenal. For example: I used to be into Hetalia A LOT. Crazy a lot. But then I found Homestuck and a lot of other things. Doesn't mean I left Hetalia, hell, I'll fangirl about a ship or two, but I'm just inactive in the fandom. If anyone still wants to talk about it though, I'll indulge.

So don't leave, but push it to the side. Like a cat that keeps getting on your keyboard, and you have to place it on your lap. :3
aha, i know, i know. perhaps leave wasn't the right word persay. i'm not leaving, leaving. hell, i've spent so much time here leaving would be super shitty of me. i'm gonna push it to the side for a bit, focus more on my gemsonas and such but still be fandom trash all the same, maybe not as strong though.
Good luck, man. ^^
thank ya
Relatable. I've been trying to get back into the comic in general, but it's just not working considering the amount of time I'll have to put in refreshing my memory and stuff, which is total shit considering that my Gamzee was starting to get really good, but unfortunately as of late, other things have caught my interest.

Take a break, step away for a while. You might just be burnt out, nothing wrong with that.
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