Full Version: Yet Another Fansession To Add To The Pot
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A young woman stands in her bedroom. It is at this time, on April 12th, is this young woman's birthday. But, who IS this young woman? What is her name? She forgets her own name from time to time, and this happens to be one of those times. Perhaps she needs yet another reminder?

> Look around for anything that would most likely have your name on it.
> douchebag mcgee
(04-13-2018 11:39 AM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote: [ -> ]> douchebag mcgee

Nope! Try again, shithead.

(04-13-2018 11:30 AM)artstetic Wrote: [ -> ]
> Look around for anything that would most likely have your name on it.

You look around your madhouse of a bedroom and come across a well-faded summer camp name badge.

>Try to decipher the old faded writing
>Custom Command
> try your best to decipher the writing.
(04-13-2018 08:16 PM)sinical Wrote: [ -> ]> try your best to decipher the writing.

You try your goddamn hardest to decipher the writing, coming to the stunning conclusion that you've been reading the back of it this whole time. What an idiot. You flip it over and find out your name is QUINN LEILANI. Your hobbies include PLAYING VIDEO GAMES and MODDING FOAM DART GUNS. Your favorite color is SPACE BLUE. Your chumhandle is hydrocloricPurification and you tend to speak in capless sentences with no punctuation, using asterisks to emphasize things and you have a tendency to use kaomojis... a lot.

>Look around bedroom
>Custom Command
> look around bedroom
(04-14-2018 12:11 PM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote: [ -> ]> look around bedroom

You look around your previously stated messy bedroom. It would be nicely sized, if you didn't have so much shit lying around. Two windows, walls covered in many shades of paint and posters, and a whole wall dedicated to your stuffed animals. Uh-oh! It seems like your friend is pestering you again. How many times have you told them not to pester you during the afternoon hours?

>Answer Chum
>Custom Command

> answer chum with MAX SASS
(04-14-2018 01:22 PM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote: [ -> ]> answer chum with MAX SASS

You scramble to your lousy yet clean computer set up near your percussion equipment. You login and open Pesterchum to see who's exploding your computer at this point. Oh, what clever timing this one has.

Well that was something. Maybe you should check to see if Dad has the box anywhere in the house or Xterra.

>Check For The Box
>Custom Command
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