Full Version: Karkat's bizarre adventure reduxed
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A young , cantankerous man sits in his bedroom bound shoulder to toe in muscles wearing naught but a tank top with the word 'rowdy', on it. Anne jeans so skinny a stick figure couldn't 't fit into them

What is this young man's name?
> douchebag mcgee
(04-08-2018 12:50 AM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote: [ -> ]> douchebag mcgee

It seems someone believe underprivileged or funny, but no.

The young man's name, is karkat vantas. And as always. He was feeling rather upset.

See ever since about a week ago. He has been locked in his hastily soundproofed room. Due to an incident with an evil spirit.
> briefly recall such incident.
> examine room further
(04-08-2018 02:18 AM)sinical Wrote: [ -> ]> briefly recall such incident.

ah yes.
it was another dinner at the table. with his father and elder brother. long story short.his older sibling said something particularly asinine. and with a shout karkat sent him flying accross the room

(04-08-2018 02:42 AM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote: [ -> ]> examine room further

your room is nothing special all about your walls are attatched eg cartains to keep the noise out of the rest of the house
> prepare your bags to head to the throat of the world and master the thu'um.
(04-08-2018 08:37 AM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote: [ -> ]> prepare your bags to head to the throat of the world and master the thu'um.

what? no. you're not going to to that.

instead you feel you should do one of the following

>message friend
>sneak out
>check stats
> check stats
(04-08-2018 02:28 PM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote: [ -> ]> check stats

you check your stats, the ones you have, and have had sinxe the day you were born. you simpy never bithered to check them up to this point because you had more important things to do up to this point.
name:karkat vantas
strength: 5/10
agility: 5/10
Vim: 8/10


Type:close range
ability: to manipulate and solidify sound

well then. this is all greek to you. and will probably wind up being completely pointless later. except for that last thing. that could be coming in pretty handy later. though having read through this, you begin feeling like a bit of an idiot for not having read this shit earlier.
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