Full Version: Dirk Strider discusses his own Personal Doom ( tw: suicide )
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This is literally the best script thread I've ever had -and I am putting it in this section just because there's an explicit mention of suicide and I do not wish to trigger anyone with it-, I am legit still vibrating because damn, it was just so good and now i can officially take this off my secret rp wishlist. I have been blessed, my skin is cleared, my crops watered.

Nonetheless, it's Dirk, Doc Scratch, occasional references to the Wizard of Oz and a deep talk about the horrid constant in paradox space that is Dirk's doom as a 'puppet' of Lord English.
I was Dirk, and whoever was that Doc Scratch has my eternal love.
aaa i love those roleplays where it just makes u love the other person for going along so well!!! ??
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