Full Version: wow hey rp with me (i love ocs)
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kicks out me leggy real far imma make this real quick but i love ocs, canons, mainly para rp but script is alright too, and sfw rps??? i'm big into plotting too but that's not a requirement lmao. anywho if you're up for interactions just lemmekno.
I came pretty damn close to tripping over that leggy that you got out there, but I also?? Love everything that you listed. Paragraph Rps, sfw, the fluffy smooch stuff, and hella plotting, I see you.. What up.
Wow. So weird. That we all. Seem to like the same shit. Almost like. We all read the same webcomic and got the feels. IDK. Anyway, I'm always down for plotting so feel free to hmu whenever.
Heyo i am down for this clowning. Im kinda new to this but anyways, i am hella interested.
The leggy straight up K.O. me. But yeah, come at me bro.
sticks out leggy uhhhhhhh yeah i have over 100 ocs pls hmu also canon is good too
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