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Beta kids:

Alpha kids:
a young boy stands on his (poor) bedroom. it just so happens that today, the 17th of january, 2018, is this young boy's birthday. thought it was thirteen years ago he was given life, it is only today he will be given a name!

what will the name of this young be?

==>enter name
> Willy Know-It-All
(01-24-2018 12:41 AM)sinical Wrote: [ -> ]> Willy Know-It-All
try again! smart@#$!

>Charlie Bucket


Your name is CHARLIE BUCKET. as previously stated, it is your BIRTHDAY. you have a variety of interests, which include FANTASY STORIES, DRAWING and DREAMS. you love CHOCOLATE, you love so much that you have some DIRTY FANTASIES with still don't understand what is wrong with you. unfortunaly, you too POOR to buy anything. you still have some time! what will you do

[eat chocolate in the wooden box]
[Pester a friend]
[think about your dirty fantasies]
> devour the chocolate
(01-26-2018 12:23 PM)sinical Wrote: [ -> ]> devour the chocolate
no you can't! this chocolate bar in the box is too precious, you keep this chocolate so you can in the weekend. because you think the weekend is the best day to eat chocolate

[Pester a friend]
[think about your dirty fantasies]
> pester a friend!
(01-27-2018 12:53 PM)misfortunateScribe Wrote: [ -> ]> pester a friend!
You decided to pester a friend on your old PC. your PC is so old that is buggy, but you still can pester your friend online. now one of your friend is pestering you!

You can look if you got the copies or you can spend more time with something else, what will you do?
> Ask TG about the game!
(01-28-2018 03:05 AM)misfortunateScribe Wrote: [ -> ]> Ask TG about the game!
you really curious to know what the game is about, so You decided to pester your friend's friend to see what this game is about

Well that was quite a talk there, maybe you should get your copies
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