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Born from the ashes of Homestuck Discords, from death and anarchy, through years of genetic pruning and ectobiology, an epic mod team was born. The Mutiny chat, post-dubbed the Vodka Mutini chat, was made from a chat with no pulse, and one ruled by a tyrant. Together, these chats have formed into something new and wholesome. A splinter community that loves roleplay, art, and music- and works to include all, in a fair and just manner.

Hello! I'm Void, the head admin of the Mutiny (Vodka Mutini) Discord Server!

I'm here to extend an invitation and a welcoming hand to anyone here on MSPARP that likes the community, and wishes to stay connected with the members of MSPARP!

We are an LGBTQIA+, Furry, and whatever else you might be, friendly server! We are a wholesome SFW server, modded by some of the prominent members of the MSPARP Forums- Myself, Kase, ThunderFang, Pineapple, Calamari, and Fubar.

Our community (as of right now) consists of ~65 members, and we're still growing! We have Tatsumakibot, Aradiabot, and Fredboat, for all of your social networking, shipping, and music needs!

We run sessions, AUs, and other roleplays, as well as have extensive experience in helping others run theirs! We have talented artists and musicians practically bursting at the seams to show their art, as well as give advice and ideas.

What are you waiting for?

Soft bump for our OC CHARITY which is ongoing now!
A gentle BUMP! Still open and looking for cool people to come hang out!
From the dark web-covered attic fubar crawls out to these almost desolate lands to remind that our server is still going strong. We have an OC charity channel for all your "draw my character" needs. In there you submit an OC and hope for them to be featured. Other participants would draw them then.

We also have character gushing channel for all your Nepeta gushing needs. Or Kanaya gushing needs. Or fedorafreak gushing needs.

And of course we have a shitposting channel for your other needs.
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Just here to promo some more. Don't mind me. ;')
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