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people are fascinating

the power of a society as a whole is staggering and the impact people have on each other and the world around them is ridiculous

even the people that leave, or that you hate, or that you hurt you will never forget, because they shape you and you shape them

no one can see where the metaphor ends and objectivity begins, probably because it doesn't and people twist around each other in confusing patterns of interaction and inert observation

every single conscious is a work of art more complex than can be imagined

hate breeds from hurt breeds from pain breeds from existence

it would be easier to hate the one who would destroy you, because how can you fight if all you can do is pity?

and how can you pity if all you can do is stare in awe?

at the sheer coincidence of existence at all, and from there the evolution of things that breathe and run and cry and can't bring themselves to learn

fear drives us to destroy ourselves and fear of doing so drives us to unite ourselves

if human experience is a library every page of every book must be so saturated with tragedy and detail and life and how ludicrous is it that we're all here?

can't you tell you are all that matters?

can't you all see how ridiculous your powerlessness is?

can't you see yourselves for the beacons of complexity and confusion and the miracle of thought you are?

flex your hand and stare at the lines of your palm

live, and be content with the knowledge that you are a god.
I got kind of a persona 4 vibe outta this tbh, but it was a neat train of thought kinda read.
(12-04-2017 03:52 PM)EriGam_SinDere Wrote: [ -> ]I got kind of a persona 4 vibe outta this tbh, but it was a neat train of thought kinda read.

i've never played persona but i'm glad you liked it
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