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As we all know, SBURB ended a while ago, a long while ago. Players that survived lived on, had a life, and lived in the new generation of whatever life they were in. But it wasn't that simple...
Sburb is back! It's less destructive and more "I'm gonna ruin your day a little."
We start off our story with two kids, Kess and Akan. Trying to fix their broken computer before Akan was suddenly zapped onto Alternia, replacing a mutant blood, named Luisis. Oh lord, this'll get interesting...
Akan found his way into a troll den full of people, turns out they were having a party. And Luisis just ended up in a largely crowded dorm area filled with humans. Dear god, this may not end well.

((am back
((ocs all the way, no script for this one i'm afraid, all contact
((basically you can have a troll oc and human oc
An alarm went off, coming from a smartphone (which was left on a stool). A boy rushed out of the bathroom a few seconds later, picking up the phone. "Um, hello? Yes, my name is Teia." He waited a few seconds before replying once again, "How many times do I need to tell you all that I'm not interested in tutoring sessions?"

He then hanged up, tucking his phone in his pocket, and finally noticed the new guest. Luisis. He jumped a little bit when he saw the troll, but then just showed an 'utterly confused' face.

((gotta make some more troll ocs once i get the time
((also,, dorms are kinda like large bedrooms in schools right??? or did i remember that wrong
((May I join? Please?))

Luisis was pretty lost, and confused as fuck from his surroundings.
Akan, was just stuck there, waiting for something to happen or for his legs to get him the fuck out of there.
Arin looked up, questioning his existence and the existence of the alien in front of him.
Teia backed away to a wall, whispering to his roommates, "What the fuck did you all bring to our dorm this time?"
Teia would abscond right now if he was able to run, instead of being a sucker at sports and everything related.

Meanwhile, at the troll party, a troll girl was sitting on the floor, drinking a cup of... unknown liquid, next to Akan. She spat it out in surprise when he appeared out of thin air.
Luisis was at upmost confused. Where the fuck was he? Who are these aliens? He had so many questions.
Akan screeched, and absconded the FUCK out of there. He is seriously panicking.
The girl had the expression of a person who just came out of a haunted house, and tapped the shoulder of another troll next to her. "DUDE DID YOU SEE THAT???" She pointed at where Akan was running towards.

Teia slowly slid across the wall, going for the door.
That's basically what's happening for both of them. Suddenly one of the humans screeched at Luisis and pounced on him, attacking him.


Akan had wondered into the wrong neighborhood. He's surrounded by trolls.
Teia was surprised by Kess' sudden action.

TEIA: Should I call 911?
TEIA: I think I should call 911??

Being quite the curious one, the troll girl tried to follow up to Akan. Instead of finding Akan, she found herself beating up a group of highbloods who were looking for trouble.

((another violent oc,, lmao
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