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Alright, so I have two ocs that I would love to use!

Enter Zachary

Enter Arcanix

If youve read both of these google docs you're probably already catching on to what I'm looking for. If you havent, allow me to explain!

For both of these characters I'm looking for slow burn romances with adventure, angst, and heavy concepts (such as mentions of self harm, tragic backstories, ect). I have generalized stories for both of these characters that are open to change! I am looking for dynamic characters, ones that grow and change thought the story. I have no real preference for length of replies, but I would love for them to be at least 3 sentences at the least, have some description but dont go too over the top please! ((Matching novella length replies is sometimes really annoying and taxing on me, being that I have some difficulty with larger replies.))

Zachary is an ex-hockey player that is now a figure skater, whos taken silver in the Canadian Nationals. For his plot line, Im looking for either a rival,blind date (set up by Zachary's friend), assistant coach, a partner assigned to him for a new experimental event, or a childhood friend (or ex teammate) that hes somehow ran into once again. This story will be filled with possible twists and turns, it will not be a very outright and dramatic romance, think of something thats slow and comforting, a genuine love that takes a backseat in the main story.

Arcanix is from an alien race known as the Alkline. He's the pilot of a small rebellion fighter ship. He fights against the tyranny of the Delphilious, a large race that have quickly spread across the galaxy and have been taking over planets. A rebellion of free peoples has quickly been increasing in numbers but has not quite at the rate it needs to be. In an effort to increase numbers, small squadrons have been deployed in different solar systems to recruit and educate as many as they can. Arcanix's crew as well as 16 other four person crews have been assigned to Earth. The year on Earth is 2517, aliens have been known for some time, space travel is more common, but still too expensive for the common people to enjoy outside of once or twice in their life times. To find the best soldiers for the rebellion, the crew assesses those in the data base before gathering them aboard their ship to transport them to the main headquarters. Many will be assigned to experienced teams, Arcanix's team gets four new recruits, a human and three another aliens. Arcanix's team mates each take on an apprentice to train them to become their own team, Arcanix takes on the human to train them to pilot different types of star ships. This story line will be packed full of bonding moments, slow burn, possibly frustrating romance, action, and high stress scenarios for the characters.

Last thing! I would like for this to be over discord!! Please send me your character, comments, or questions here, and I will pm you answers as well as my discord username!

I would positively adore to rp with you and experience arcanix as a chara! The only problem i really foresee is that discord doesn't work for me in the least literally. It closes out of itself all the time, never shows new messages, sometimes just signs me out from nowhere- and is overall worse than steam mobile.

Do have a second preferred platform? If not it's chill- i still curse discord with every salty breath i take.

You're fine! And i have a facebook, kik, and skype that work decently well if any of those would work better for you!
(12-02-2017 01:46 AM)Green bean Wrote: [ -> ]

You're fine! And i have a facebook, kik, and skype that work decently well if any of those would work better for you!
Skype is perhaps the most accessible to me, kik much like discord refuses to work on mobile and my facebook is a sad mess of me trying not to use fuck as an adjective because several younger relatives and their angry angry parents haha.
I feel that! Ill pm you my Skype then
Bump my dudes :^V
Hello! Both characters sound actually really fun and engaging! I'd love to get involved w this. (I'll contact you on discord too I just figured a lil bump would be nice)
I have a long list of muses and OCs, and the latter grows with each dawning day, so I'm confident we'll easily find a pair that could work.
Anyway!! I'm oli and I'd love to rp w you and your cool OCs. Pm me your discord and we can discuss more :>
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