Full Version: PRESENT turntechTerrorhorrors (TT) RIGHT NOW opened memo: redtext rolecall
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TT: yo, anyone in paradox space who types in objectively the best color
TT: this is your time to shine
TT: say your name and why you type in red and we can prove to everyone
TT: red is
the shit
TT: i'll start
TT: my name's dave lalonde and i type in red because red is scientifically proven to make people win more in competitive situations
TT: also because it reminds me of jelly
TT: which that's a stupid reason but we'll live
--??? turntechGodhead [TG] began responding to memo at ??:?? --
TG: hey
TG: heres another dave from another place in space
TG: hitting you with rhymes from somewhere not lame
TG: names dave strider
TG: sup
TT: well shit if two daves say so it's gotta be true
TT: conversation resolved
TT: no further evidence required
TT: everyone else go home
TT: j/k
TT: also what's striderhood like that's gotta be wild
TT: is your house like solid yellow
TT: does your mom eat babies for fun or like kick puppies in her spare time
TG: sure is pretty fucking wild
TG: id paint my house solid yellow for that statement but yellow is lame compared to red
TG: ill paint it yellow anyways
TG: also who needs a mom when theyve got a bro who literally stuffs them into thousands and thousands of piles of pure muppet buttock
TG: not the best situation to be in but its pretty wild i guess
TG: pretty fucking wild

TT: oh ok
TT: i guess i assumed since you were a strider the familial details would be comparable
TT: i guess you got my family's structure tho
TT: and... color preferences?
TT: huh
TT: weird shit
TT: wonder what the correlation there is
-- ???? BlankDragon [?BD] Began responding to memo at ΩΩ:ΩΩ --
BD: I call bullshit Ωn that statement. clearly yΩu dΩ nΩt knΩw the best cΩlΩr is the cΩlΩr Ωf the HighbΩrn Ruler here Ωn Infinite Prime. That wΩuld happen tΩ be the cΩlΩr silver.
BD: YΩu labrats clearly have ΩbsΩlete tech and brainpΩwer.
BD: And thΩse "Sick FlΩws" need mΩre work.
BD: Ωh wait, these are the humans that Her Majesty mentiΩned. Shit.
BD: I apΩlogise fΩr my mistake...
TT: uhhh who the fuck
TT: ok first off my whole life philosophy is "no conversing with shitty tools who type in greek letters"
TT: greek's a dead language get over it
TT: secondly the memo title CLEARLY says "redtext rolecall"
TT: does it say "elitist smug silver-loving shitstain checklist"
TT: i think not
TT: why are you here i thought i filtered out all the trolls
TT: did pesterchum shit itself again
BD: What's a TrΩll?
TG: this might be the best fucking discovery we ever made in our lives
TG: we have successfully found someone
TG: who isnt a troll
TG: and is a jerk at the same time
TG: high five
TG: (the greek language is 100% dead man)
TG: (seriously)
TG: (almost no one uses it on earth anymore)
BD: I'm nΩt on earth thΩugh
BD: The language at Infinite Prime is way tΩΩ cΩmplex fΩr yΩu tΩ understand.
BD: Simplest language tΩ yΩurs wΩuld be greek.
BD: But if yΩu want me tΩ withdraw, I suppΩse I have tΩ, due tΩ rΩyal decree.
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