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>> ???
# [Note to self: Notify people that '>> ???' means they can input something BEFORE using it.]
> Jeyson Yong
While this is a perfectly normal name and it fits in the box (unlike some OTHER stupid names people like to give others), it's not YOUR name. But it DOES start with a J.

Name: J_____ ____

>> Guess again. // >> A little help?
>> A little help?
While it's very fun to play the guessing game with someone who doesn't know your name yet, you don't really have much time to wait for this. So you give the weird voice some hints.

1. You are a GIRL, and as such, have a feminine name. Duh.
2. Your first name contains two L's.
3. Both your first and your last name contain as many vowels as they have consonants.
4. There are no i's or u's in your name.
5. Your last name is technically a verb, and putting a : between your first and your last name makes a somewhat obscure reference to a command used in a webcomic called Homestuck.
>> New Guess // >> We don't have time for this. Tell us your name.
> We don't have time for this. Tell us your name.

((thing is im bad at riddles and guessing,,, xD
>> We don't have time for this. Tell us your name.

Wow, rude.

Your name is JOELLA WAKE. You like MUSIC and are the BASSIST of a band you and your classmates started. It's called ANYWHERE ELSE, which is a very clever name related to one of your favorite VIDEO GAMES. You are also interested in ONLINE TEXT ROLEPLAY and have some very PECULIAR INTERNET FRIENDS. And, like you mentioned earlier, you are also really into VIDEOGAMES, and can get quite COMPETITIVE.
Your chatname on L!FEL!NES, your messaging medium of choice, is gamerBassist and your best friend is fireflyLoner.

Currently you are being very BORED. Do something about it?

>> ???
>> Play bass
>> Play bass

Well, you WOULD, but...

First of all, you have no idea where you left it after last time's band practice.
Second, your bandmates aren't here.


you don't have a third point.

Regardless, it's hard to play bass if you don't have a bass to play on.

>> ???
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