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Trigger Warning: Flashing Lights, Bright Green Letters, Epilepsy
::::33 ---> 1'M PR3TTY MUC)( C4M0FL4G3D FR0M T)(3M, 1'M 4LLR34DY 4LL R41N80WW-12)(. D0 Y0U N33D )(3LP?? 1 C4N )(3LP!!
--PRESENT toleratingIsolator [TI] began responding to memo RIGHT NOW--
TI: what the fuck
TI: is this trickster hell all over again
TI: oh no you don't
TI: i'm fuckin' comin' to stop this madness
TI: you wait

--PRESENT toleratingIsolator [TI] ceased responding to memo RIGHT NOW--

((i think i spelt his tag wrong,? can't find my OC notes
((anyways sleep
At 4:13 Yesterday, trappedDuelist [TD] has joined the memo.

[TD]GOOD MORNING WORLD! Ahh, a fresh start --- Trickster bullshit. If ANYTHING, i'd say that the Blue Text Boy has talked to you. SPEAKING of Blue Boy, I've been wondering how he has been doing... I assume that he is alive and well, due to the fact that he's messaging me, or rather, reminding himself I exist, because of his modus. Honestly, that THING is horrifying. I'd suggest him to get a better modus, but he doesn't listen... Shame, really, because of the many different and uniquely vernacular modii that could satisfy his needs. but other than that, come on over to --- The trickster is reading this, right? So go on to LOVAT. That's the Land of Violets and Twilight. Peace from me, until you reach there. Toodles~!
[TD] 99=: Oh yes, before I go, quick mention. (Not so quick to you, but I don't care) The tricksters are quite fast. when you arrive there, message Blue Text Boy. (Trolltag of terinoAlchemist) I love watching him freak out at the drop of a finely-brimmed feather top hat. (^-^) That was my best "emoticon", as earthlings call them, so peace be unto you. If it isn't i'll make sure that it is... Now that I'm done ranting to you, I'll just rant to him. Speaking of the word rant, Karkat used to be all about the rant. I wonder what's happened to him. After all, my team was the second team, and managed to get paired with fleshy mammals of quite intelligent degree. I kind of miss them, but don't tell Ocarina Boy that. Final note before I die soon, if a Time player could stop my death and move me from everlasting pain and torture, thanks...

At approximately ???????, trappedDuelist [TD] has stopped replying to memo.
Rilian nodded, looking up at the portal. She kicked off the ground, using her hover boots to enter the portal. Looking around, she saw a campfire.
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