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Knight of Life

((Haha.... I have no life.))
CanorousCalimest [CC] joined memo.
CC: oh wow, epilepsy warning, although i would be down to do a hangout session, although I am not sure how a lollypop is a neat alchimization, but i'm on my way.
cool i'l be sure to do that, so its at LOVAT, which of the planets is that? oh and usually the planets are rather big places that even with godtier powers it might be best to talk about a more specific meeting place, should i just go to your house, which i presume will be poking out of the top of your planet? or will there be a better place to meet up?
((this is the color her text is supposed to be, not bronze like i accidentally made her last time))
CC: ya sounds good, i will be there as soon as i can.

Alie gets up and begins flying through the insensoshpere until she finds the planet covered in jungles and such, she then flies down to the door of the building and knocks on the door.
Rilian opens her door, grinning. Becoming a trickster really changed her outlook on life. And on clothing. Rainbow sprinkles and nerds littered her bright purple hair. Her cheeks had twin neon purple swirls. Her outfit was composed of a vibrant red shirt and bright pink jeans. Her glasses were white.

CC: um... the name's Alie?... what happened to you? you are looking like a grown 2-year-old got into too many sprinkles, which while i can't judge as i skip everwhere i go, it kinda concerns me.

((would they have known each other before this?))
((Nope. Don't think so since Rilian said new friend earlier.))
CC...ok then, enlighten me? i mean i know that being spontaneous every once in a while is good for the soul, but...possibly tone it down a little?
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