Full Version: remember oldparp?
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...someone please tell me im not the only one who remembers old parp
I remember old parp. Oh, old parp. You and your habit of eating messages, your constant crashing, your oddly formatted user entry lines, your lack of NSFWS and NSFWV, your huge [XX]'s connection has timed out spams, your easily abusable usernumbers...

I honestly don't miss it that much. Newparp is a lot smoother by comparison. :0 also has a lot of new slick features like subscribing and whatnot.

Unsupported was a Big Mess but it was fun
I too remember oldparp.

Dark times. :P
i had to open a new browser to play a new character :(
I kinda remember it yeah. Opening the new browser for different characters was annoying.
i should've been there longer but rip. I forgot
lmao yeah i remember it.

i used to be in a GC called LeedleLeedleLeedleLee who moved chats every single time something went wrong
i think we got to 9
i was the attention seeking- annoying terezi in a zombie stuck where aradia and gamzee were in a relationship and had an npc son and it was- so, so wild

i played nepeta who i am terrible at playing and also kanaya and omg i sucked so hard and typos made me disconnect from searching chats it was so bad and i loved every minute of it
OLDMSPARP is the only reason I even managed to get into NEWMSPARP at all.
Well that, and the fact it was being shut down, and all the alternative roleplay sites were, quite frankly, crap.
Oh man. I remember. I found it almost as soon as I had caught up to the latest update on Homestuck, I forget why even? I don't think I knew roleplay websites were a thing before that. But I went on, typed up my limeblood self insert, and went straight into the character searches, where I would try to get other people to play sgrub with my character. In freaking one on one search chats. Never mind the poor planning in trying to start two person sessions, I was somehow convinced that I was the only one who had it right? That everyone else was using the site wrong if they weren't playing sburb in the one on ones I guess. (I never went to the group chats, I was convinced somehow that ALL of them were sexual.) There was one rper who I ran into so often, called "Chippy the Caffeine Addicted Robot". At least thats what I think it was. I would pester him to play the game, he would pester me for coffee, I would leave in a huff. I only improved when I had left the site, and come back to newparp, a little more maturity in my head. I was fortunate to be directed pretty quickly to better roleplay, though I was bothered by the continued existence of the "gamquius is canon" message.
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