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(06-04-2017 01:14 PM)freeMiliu_2K01 Wrote: [ -> ]Holy crap you think Jade is filipino too?! :,D

And I thought I was the only one that views her that way!

How about some more Jade Harley headcanons? :D

- As a filipino, she is rather short, her height is actually only 5'0 and possibly only a little taller as an adult.
- For her gender, I like to imagine her more as a Demigender particularly a Demifluid whom mostly uses She/They pronouns.
- As for sexuality, I see her more as a Gray-Aro/Asexual.
- As for illnesses, I believe she has a bad case of Long-Sightedness.
- She's very athletic! As most filipino athletes go, her favorite sport is Volleyball. But she's also very skilled in "Sipa".
- She cares so much for animals, to the point that during Post-Sburb she could be seen adopting almost any dog she can find and treating them like their children.
- She's allergic to cats.

'Pacific Islander' usually rhymes with "the english-harleys are filipinos" in my book tbh,,, but yes highfive! She just seemed damn Filipino to me n stuff.
Eridan is farsighted
For some reason I imagine Humanstuck!Leijons are half Chinese (the other half being European).

Humanstuck Snowman:

Name: Reine Mauvais (it means black queen or evil queen c;)

Ethnicity/nationality: French.

Body type I guess: Thin with a curvy hourglass figure. (LIKE AN EIGHT AHAAHAH HAH)

-She's kind of a snob. By kind of I mean she uses her power every waking moment of the day even if to just get free cigarettes.
-Can speak French, but doesn't do so very often.
-Has a burning, deep-seated scorn for frogs, calling them things like "putrid" or "vile." Has been known to completely lose her shit just seeing one nearby.
-Totally drives a black Mini Cooper
I've updated the headcanons!
I have a LOT of headcanons, but here are just a couple relevant ones based on the categories in the OP.

Also I second the headcanon of Filipino Harley-Englishes!!

One more, because I didn't see the "fears" category:

Kankri is terrified of being irrelevant.
slides into memo w some appearance headcanons

-my roxy is half african american half european and sometimes i have her with vitiligo

by caketab

-dave & dirk for me are full to half latino and the remainder is unknown, but they bleach their hair for no apparent reason and get roots that are real bad

-karkat is irish and a ginger

-jade is indian, peurto rican, and pacific islander

-equius is korean

-and hal is also latino, but he looks less dark than the other brothers

if anybody has any good artists to check out for these, hmu!! :0 i'm recoding a lot of muses right now
Hal is irish, and was childhood friends with Dirk [humanstuck]

Roxy knows how to rollerblade like a champ

Jake English is distantly related to Steve Erwin

Jane will chase people out of the kitchen with a wooden spoon if they try to help her cook on their birthday
Have a big thing of humanstuck ethnicity/nationality headcanons, why not:


Okay, I don't think anyone's done them yet, so let's talk about leprechauns.

Life cycles.
NSFW: Reproduction, sex.
Finally, reference pictures. I have found a lot of great pictures at this blog:
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