Full Version: A small suggestion in regards to profile customization and forum code.
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i'm not entirely sure whether this can be implemented or not, being i've played around with forum-creating before without coming across this option, but i thought i'd set this here in the case that it can or some-what can be inserted / developed / w/e.

so, feralfront was a role playing forum i frequented previous to msparp. their layout has had a massive overhaul during the time i've been away, and a good bit of features have been removed. one feature i was very fond of, though, in the time that i most frequented it, was the css/html editor for your profile's page. you could rearrange boxes, text, and so on to your liking. my suggestion is pretty much implied; i'd like it if a css/html customization interface was placed within our profile settings / customization area.

in reference to the forum code, i noticed a feature that used to be/is currently included in the "mainstream" role playing forum websites: fancypost code. it's another thing based upon css/html, and it would just be very nice to have accessible in order to spruce up posts. it could especially assist in drawing attention to chats when placed in posts within the group chats' section. but, then again, this can apply to all posts in every topic, of course.

yeah, this was simply something that popped into thought.
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