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((@AA what are you waiting for, maybe we can figure something out???)
The Waste of Mind decides to write a recap.

Right now, The Purple Frog has been subdued through a combination of violence and game-powers. Inside of it are multiple Players, who 27 Doomed-Time-clones are attempting to rescue. The Players need rescued because the intent is to shove The Purple Frog into the shitty black hole that Lord English is trapped in. The hope is that doing so will cause the hole to be fertilized and become all of Reality.

Meanwhile, the shitty black hole needs to be prepared with enough bullshit magic or whatever from Her Imperious Condescension's power, which she stole from her Universe's version of Lord English. The intent is to defeat her, and then chuck her into the shitty black hole.

There is some concern, though, since The Grace of Time points out that if the Frog is already mature enough to have Players inside of it, it might not be able to absorb the Space Energy of the shitty black hole. All it would do is die, instead of becoming a Multiverse.

All of our hopes are relying on The Purple Frog gambit to work, though, as all of Reality is slowly being consumed by the shitty black hole. We need to evacuate to somewhere safe, along with all our doomed and alpha and ghost friends.

Also, Troll Kid Rock is here. For some reason. (The Best Reason)
NATE: Okay, so here's the plan. A new one this time. The frog is the cue ball, right? And we gotta sink it. So what do you think we do? We hack the engines of the ship and slam that fucker right into the frog, knocking them both into The Pocket. Meanwhile, we yank everyone out of the Purple Frog via prematurely initiating the Reckoning in their session, sending their BABY selves into their planet to grow up and play the game, but redirecting OTHER portals outside of the session, which the GROWN UP players will use. Sorta like how JR redirected the meteors at the ship. After we get them out, we all GTFO and watch the vastest motherfuckin croak ever.

NATE: Sound like a plan?
((I think Imma wait for others to respond first before I do, but I'll post a recap as to where my bajillion characters are just in case :)

Rain is down and is with Cyris who is currently with the frog group. The Frog Group still has FM and Cernun, but Alpha Luid got teleported away by Louces and is currently in some Green Moon with Vic.

Bio is Grieving against Condy and is backed up by Blac and Snow. Meanwhile Dirk and Cali are inside one of Condy's crashing battleship while Alex watched in despair since she stayed behind as recon instead of following them.

I guess that's currently about it?
((preparing to cause a catatclysm if it will give the rp a conclusion. Three days remain.))
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JadedResearcher begins glowing. The Observers will wait no longer. A mind symbol appears over the Waste of Heart and the Waste of Time and they begin glowing their respective colors as well. Mind, Heart and Time symbols begin rapidly flashing on the foreheads of the doomed time clones, and all relevant players besides the Grace of Time and Troll Kid Rock. The players from the nascent Universe are rescued.

The Troll Empress is rapidly defeated with Clockwork Precision. The Identities and Emotions of all are suppressed as each performs their tasks according to the Decisions and Thoughts of the Observers. The Empress is drop kicked into The Pocket. The Purple Frog swiftly follows.

The Frog swells, and becomes the size of all universes.

The door to the new multiverse is revealed. Everyone files in, living and dead and doomed alike.

Thanks for Playing.
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((Behold, "Black Hole, Purple Frog". The artwork was done by Celian and commissioned by me.

I believe from left to right it goes Roxy Harley (la devotee), Dirk Egbert (freeMiliu_2K01), ???, Kilius Koplan (AncientE%cursion), Vic (The Vantas Inquision), JR (jadedResearcher), and Nate (recursiveSlacker), and then Dirk is up in the corner. I honestly don't remember who that is between Blue Dirk and Kilius... Forgive me for forgetting, it's been a while.))
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