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AuthorBotJunior is forced to take matters into her own hands. One by one the Troll Empress's ships careen wildly into The Formerly Alpha Johns Burning Bubble. It turns out nobody expects a miniature girl scout robot to fuck with the navigational settings. When the final ship has crashed, AuthorBotJunior tries her luck with Dirk , and tugs on his sleeve in between his flash steps, pointing vehemently at the new location of the enemy ships.

AuthorBotJunior: Interesting!!!
FM just floated along, waiting for the others to do their thing, meanwhile Alpha Luis seems to have already left with nobody noticing, damn Witch of Light powers diverting attention their attention elsewhere.

As for the real shit show that is just currently beginning, Louces is still teleporting all over the place due to his unstable Prince of Doom abilities (screwing with a few minor Sburb rules). Until suddenly he found himself teleporting at Alpha Luis's place (startling her) and then being teleported to Vic's place (startling him).

ALPHA LUIS: What the hell man?!

Alpha Luis glared at Louces, not noticing Vic below her.

As for the others, Alex and Dirk Egbert had successfully found the correct weaknesses for most of HIC's battleship. Thinking that's their cue, Dirk and Cali nodded to each other and PCH00000ED top speed with their rocket feet (thanks to the robot body of theirs) and crashed into an HIC battleship, infiltrating it from the inside. Alex stayed behind to provide backup while Snow, whom with Blac's blessings, chose to prepare herself into going in and providing more direct healing to anyone who plans to go up close and personal against HIC.
Cyris disappeared out of nowhere with Rain. Who knows where they may be.
Vic would notice Louces, then Luis, and then look up them both. He then slapped them both for the past shit they pulled, plus he needed to get some anger out.
As for Bio, who is getting his ass handed to him by the HIC, he needs some help.
Dennis is waiting on JR for what to do.
JadedResearcher: Hey, Waste of Heart dude? How safe would you say that frog asshole is right now? It's taking my Time players way longer than I woulda thought to rescue whoever was in there. Like...are we on a time limit here? Will your shit wear off?

Luckily, the Frog itself isn't supposed to go into the hole at all until the Troll Empress is defeated. Who knows if it'll be able to absorb all the creation energy and mature though, it's pretty fucking broken and corrupted.

At the HIC fight, AuthorBotJunior is trying her best to convince everyone to have sweet epic fights in the Burning LOWAS Bubble, but is mostly being ignored. Nobody has any respect for artistry.
DENNIS: It shouldn't as long as another waste undoes it. But for now let's keep our guard up. We don't know if it has successfully worked all the way.
(JR is very unsure of what to do given that the players inside the frog are unresponsive. JR is considering casting [Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies] and just calling that an ending. JR hopes very strongly, as if hope were a real thing, that something will happen before that. For example, if HIC gets defeated, we can just toss the frog, Players and all, into the shitty black hole).
((I am so sorry... It's been a long few days. Among much other irl bullshittey, my computer got fried. :( I've still got my phone though, so I've got that going for me which is nice. I'll try to be more attentive, but I can't make any promises. On the upside, I went and commissioned a surprise art piece based on this RP, and that should be done soonish! ^-^))

Due to navigational system fuckery and the sheer amount of damage these ships have been taking, it seems ABJ's quest has been completed regardless of how much anyone has been paying attention. The three ships go careening one after another into the bubble, which is more oil fire than planet by this point. Anyone who was attacking the ships has to follow them into the bubble below if they want to keep it up, and everyone already inside the ships crash land on the planet below.
)(IC, who happens to be one of said people on said ship, scowls at this turn of events. She takes out her anger on Bio, who she's been using as a punching bag for the last several minutes. The two of them are still fighting inside the flagship as it crashes to the ground.

)(IC: cod damn
)(IC: cant even keep this beach up in the air
)(IC: what the shell is goin on out there anywaves?
(no worries, we're all sort of out of it lately. I just wanna make sure the rp goes out with at least a bang, if not a BANG A DANG DIGGY DIGGY)
((Understandable, I too am kinda busy like you. :)

Luis didn't reacted at Vic slapping him. Louces however was kinda offended, he glared at him.

LOUCES: SCREw yOU wE h4vE 18IggER fISh tO fRy- qUItE LItER4LLy.

He punched another hole at SBURB's coding.


As for Dirk and Cali, being in a separate ship, they have dispatched a few of the drones and are progressing quickly towards the ship's control room, but they weren't fast enough and felt the gravity of the bubble pulling them downwards as their battleship started to crashed.

Bio would notice his energy being healed a little bit, it was actually Blac whom managed to catch up to him, using her Sylph of Life ability. Snow is about to follow soon with her strife specibi ready, ready to fight.
((The frog players are kinda dependant on CB.
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