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NATE has his doubts now. Before, he simply expected it to be an empty universe, or one full of awful eldritch monsters.

However, this is a bit different. He wanted to speak to the FROG, but got PEOPLE. Shiiiiiit.

NATE: Uh, guys, I think the universe we were gonna feed to the gaping hole in reality is occupied. By... players.

NATE: This is bad. Badbadbadbad. Does this mean our plan isn't gonna work? Wouldn't the frog have another instance of Paradox Space in it and not a singular universe?

NATE: I have no idea what's going on now.

((TheVantasInquisition, you are REALLY rushing things along. Also, as an observer, I'm gonna go the Seer route and retreat to weigh options.))
Shirow didn't quite catch that. She didn't catch it so hard that it looped around and ended up being caught by her. Hard.

Shirow: 'Feed int6 4 P6cket'?
Shirow: I d6n't underst4nd, we were t6ld th4t 'the v6ices bey6nd' w6uld be the 6nes t6 help us!
Shirow: Inste4d, y6u were pl4nning 6n killing us!?

Django: hold up i dont cAAre too much for thAAt lAAst pAArt
Django: if i wAAs gonnAA die id rAAther it 88e on purpose steAAd of some fellAAs rAAndom choice
Django: come on jus reAAch in AAnd-

A blue-sleeved arm was coming out of the surface of Bileus Prick. The Thief was reaching out to the nearest thing, which happened to be Nate. The Thief was attempting to steal Nate's freedom of *not* being inside an eldritch-crammed frog and give it to himself.

Basically, Django was trying to pull himself out.
DENNIS: I say we save those players inside the frog. We can't just leave them to die inside that thing. We gotta at least try.
(JR counts one vote for retreat, one vote for evacuate, and the Purple Frog players themselves voting for evacuate)

[Image: yellow_yard_rp.png]
FM: I think my friends should decide, I mean, my job was to subdue the frog, at least I should back off and let the actual players do their thing, right?

Cernun just sort of looked at them, confused, as they carry Rain's still limp form towards Cyris, Joel still looked scared, fearing that his Hope wasn't enough to revive her. Cernun put a hand on Joel's shoulder though, they have immediate problems to deal with first.

CERNUN: Is evacuating t=ee ot=ers possible...? If so.... Ii believee me andd my coplayerss believee t=at is t=ee most =opefull scenario....

Alpha Luis just nodded at them, Joel however looked at him with resolve, of course they don't want to hurt any other players from any other session. They've been there, done that, a couple of billion times already actually, which only Dennis and FM understands.

Joel floats near Cyris, watching over Rain who Cernun put in Cyris's arms. She looks unconscious, though she could also possibly be dying, however the severity of the damage she took is still unknown since they still haven't looked into her. For now, it's best if Cyris keeps her safe.
JadedResearcher has enough Meta-Decision power stored up at this point to get shit done. 27 copies of the same anonymous Doomed Time Clone warp into the area. Most of them have mind symbols on their forehead, and something about them. You definitely don't worry about this.

One of them shoves Nate out of the way of the Freedom Stealing player, and the rest crowd around the Purple Frog in an attempt to provide as much assistance to the fleeing players as possible. Even if that means trading places with them.

[Image: timeClones.png]

The Dream anonymous Doomed Time Clone floats over to JR. They are clearly unaffected by whatever Mindy Thing is going on.
???: Shit. What is even going on here???? Why are many...MEs here???? What is WRONG with them????
JadedResearcher: Most of the others are here because I gave them a Choice. Stay in their Doomed Session, or abdicate their right to future Choices. You and handful of the rest are here because having so many of the same player kinda builds up Fate. Like how if you get enough people standing around, eventually people start spontaneously joining until it's a big stupid pile.
???: And this is going my session????
JadedResearcher: ... Sorry. Probably not. The Observers are trying to save ALL sessions. Your session is probably unsavable. I kept trying. Nothing I did worked. So I just sort of remembered your ID in case I needed a fast source of a lot of Time Players who were pretty okay with my Choice.
???: Er. Is... one of me covered in blood????
JadedResearcher: Trust me. Don't worry about it. They are them, and you are you. You didn't make those choices.
JadedResearcher: But uh... I REALLY gotta focus up here. So um. Go entertain yourself or whatever? Maybe tell the other Yous that still have free will what the score is?

The Dream anonymous Doomed Time Clone wanders away, more confused than before. Time is really the Shittiest Aspect.
NATE was grabbed, then suddenly not-so-grabbed. It's that simple.

Okay. I lied. It isn't.

Nate struggled momentarily to shake off the player's hand, despite the universal constant of Breath players' arms showing up everywhere. In fact, Breath players almost always end up with displaced limbs. But I digress. He was failing miserably due to the fact that he WOULDN'T LET THE FUCK GO, until the Time players helped him out.


NATE: Are you using the Time players again? I told you that was a little fucked up.

NATE: Whatever, abstract moral concerns aside, we NEED to regroup. This frog might not work if there are people in it...
In an effort to stall for time, Dirk has taken to dodging around )(IC's ships, drawing fire away from the others and taking out defense systems when he can. Dirk grimaces as the bay doors open on the two smaller ships, releasing fleets of Crocker Corp. drones. He really hopes Roxy and her friends show up soon.

TT: Things have started picking up over here.
TT: Looks like we're going to need some help.

Coral has been very strictly and carefully NOT PAYING ATTENTION for the short while it took for all this stuff to continue happening. Clearly she must have been distracted by some REAL SERIOUS BUSINESS, like what style of wings her trollsona would have, or what she is going to eat/is eating/had eaten for dinner. It's a toss up, really. When AuthorBotJunior nudges her to get her attention, she returns to the present moment.

CORAL: Huh, what, oh, uh, yes, definitely.

was distracted, and has no idea what ABJ was trying to tell her, but damn if she's going to admit- that she is absolutely on top of all this shit and has her head in the fucking game right now. ...A quick refresh of what's been going on brings her up to speed.

CORAL: Wait, hold the fuck up, you're telling me that The Purple Piece of Shit is matured, like its already a full-blown people inhabited universe, and it has been this whole fucking time?

, simultaneously posting her English teacher's nightmare of a sentence to the memo though the wonders of voice-to-text, is furiously dumbstruck.

CORAL: What the FUCK, how did I not know about this, holy shit, what fucking good was throwing a whole goddamned universe frog into The Pocket going to do anyways, the whole plan was riding on the hope that the frog would eat up the Spacey energy from The Pocket and the )(ICs stolen Timey powers, and use that to mature rather than the traditional Skaia and grist combo, but if it can't exhaust the energy around it by eating up everything it would have needed to mature because it's already fucking matured, then The Pocket is going to tear it to fucking pieces, plus we can't put the frog in the coconut, because shaking it all up is definitely going to kill everyone in that fucking universe, also I severely doubt we have the time to evacuate that thing, GODDAMNIT, okay, no one put anything anywhere, because sticking the frog in the black hole might actually make everyone infinitely fucking worse, because the universe contained in the frog is still out there floating around in the void somewhere, so if we allow the black hole to suck it up, who knows what will happen to that chunk of spacetime, hell, the best outcome might be that it will create a loop, just eating away at the fabric of spacetime indefinitely, fucking shit.

((So... How about that new Grubbles song?
...I am so sorry. I have no excuse. I am the worst at updating, it is me.))
NATE: Guys, I'm afraid I have an idea of what's probably going to occur. The hole will simply eat up the entirety of reality, and THEN rebound and recreate everything. Possibly.

NATE: It would be a loop, yes, and a narratively satisfying one, with all of reality being reborn, but not a desirable one from our standpoint. Let's face it. We're all going to die.

Nate simply hovers there, seeing the worst outcomes in his mind's eye- not predictions, simply worst-case scenarios.

NATE: If this all goes wrong, I want you to know that it's been a pleasure riding this wave of inevitability with you. All of you.
((literally not responding to let everyone get ahead

Cyris protects Rain with his live, while also trying to heal her with his first guardian abilities.
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