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JadedResearcher Sweet, so Time, Mind, Heart fraymotif is a go. Dennis, will you do the honors?
)(IC just got punched in the face at ALMOST LIGHT FUCKING SPEED, and to be honest she's just really confused about that. But hey, at least she knows she's headed in the right direction now. All she has to do is follow this punk back to wherever his friends are hiding. Before long, )(IC's few remaining ships arrive to loom above Dirk and the other members of Team )(IC. There's three of them in total: the flagship and two smaller battleships, one of which is still smoking from what are assumably meteor impacts all across the hull of the giant ship. )(IC herself stands on the bow of the flagship, peering down at Team )(IC with a grin.

TT: Rox, you'd better hurry up with those reinforcements.
TG: omw!!

Meanwhile, Junior has been with Team Frog the whole time, of course, haven't you been paying attention? He pulls the mushroom flavored cake out of his inventory and considers it for a moment. Maybe reptiles and amphibians like mushroom flavored cake? The consorts seemed to be enjoying it. He sets it adrift in the direction of The Purple Frog as something like an offering to the new universe, but really he's just tired of carrying it around with him.
Dennis would finish the process, freeing the frog of it's corruption. They were one step closer to achieving victory.
As for Bio, who was just shot by a fucking laser, he is now mad as fuck. He then flies back towards the HIC, ready to continue the fight.
What Dennis did was manage to calm the Frog down, thankfully it was held in time by FM's Waste of Time fraymotif, just in time when it chased after Junior's cake, the guillable thing! Cernun, Rain, Luis and Joel looked in awe as the two Wastes used up a lot of their energy just for this, you can say what they did is a mini version of a Cataclysm, which really drained them.

Rain turned to Joel, realizing they need to stabilize the Frog's HP or else risk destroying their universe and the in game players within. Yet considering the damage it sustained just by Dennis trying to purify it alone, this would be very risky, deadly even. Rain knows she could possibly die when she and Joel tried reviving it, maybe now... It was time?

RAIN: Cyris...

She looked at him sadly (since I just realized he was with them the entire time and that I forgot), Joel placing a hand on her shoulder.

JOEL: don't worry rain, im sure youd get to survive. just believed in your hope player ok?

She didn't respond, and immediately flew closer towards the Purple Frog, she suddenly begins to draw out some of her HP and began distributing it towards the Frog, Joel begins to do his thing as Cernun realized what they were about to do and called out for her.

CERNUN: Rain don't do t=is...!
JOEL: NO! CERNUN just... BELIEVE! believe she will LIVE! especially you CYRIS!!

For awhile, Cernun looked at him confused before undestanding. They begin believing in her survival as Joel draws in their hope and increases its probability, also hoping it would work and keep her from dying. Rain is getting drained by the second, and FM, also drained from her final attack, smiled sadly, this is necessary to keep the narrative flowing, but what was written by them always tends to be cruel, which considering they were watching it unfold makes them feel more like shit.

As for more tragedy, Vic still shouldn't be able to find her since she is buried very deep into rubble, clearly crushed to death. Doomed Luis then awoke in a dream bubble, confused yet horrified as she saw the HIC ship pass by, turns out her Green Moon looking bubble is close to John's Exploding planet bubble, who knew? Well the role player quite literally dropped a bridge on her so...

And finally the HIC team begins prep airing, Dirk Egbert having analyzed the ships and it's possible weaknesses with the help of Alex to do so more effectively, Cali jumping up and down in excitement of battling the Fish Bitch, Louces cracked a few knuckles and looking as smug as ever, and finally, Snow and Blac preparing themselves to do a lot of healing.

It is on!

((@Vantas, sorry if I did a bit of power playing, or at least I think so? If so, I just thought the whole purifying the Frog was kinda adrupt so I expanded on describing how exactly we did that, again, sorry.
Cyris would rush in but was held back by Dennis, they needed this to happen.
Vic would start to cry, realizing his about-to-be matesprit just died.
Bio would pull out a sword and engage the HIC in a strife.
Aaaaaaand guess what, Cyris is now crying. You know it's bad when a first -fucking- guardian starts crying. Like holy fuck the emotional level on this just broke the meter.
((Let's pace ourselves peeps, the people with maybe not as many characters active should get a post or two in as well
JadedResearcher has lost their focus. Again. Is the frog fight done??? People are dying they've never even met? Pathos based narratives have never been their strong suit, after all.

JadedResearcher: Yeah...okay. Fuck. That sure is a thing that happened. Are....we ready to chuck the frog in the shitty black hole? We gotta make sure we don't do it before they chuck the Troll Empress in, though...

AuthorBotJunior is disappointed that the final battle against the troll empress appears to be happening in NOT a Bubble-That-Is-On-Fire. This is boring. They are LITERALLY within sight of LOWAS-Which-Is-Now-Much-More-Interesting! Do these people have no taste in showdowns at all? Where is the scenery!? She flits over to where the Grace of Time is overseeing things and hopes communication is a thing that is happening.

She points at the final fight. Hrmmm... She points at the Burning Bubble. Interesting!!!.
((Sorry @AncientE%cursion, I honestly thought the frog being defeated was way too abrupt too, at least, it didn't got most of the characters to, you know, join in? @Vantas, no offense but can we have the battle against HIC to be a bit longer, please? :D

Rain's "healing" is finally done, just as when Joel glowed and delivered all of his accumulated hope towards her. It struck Rain just as she fell down, making her glow a little in the process.

That is when FM finally let go of her hold on the Frog, it is still floating, but it now looked daze enough that it probably won't attack them, at least, for now.

Joel and Cernun quickly flew up to her and caught her, she is not moving, nor is she looking well. FM finally spoke up though and quickly turned to the Koplans.

FM: Highblooded trolls are strong people right?
FM: Now is the best time to chuck the thing to the void, as I'd like to say. You know, that gigantic thing?

They pointed at the bigass Pocket growing near them. Just then the frog begins to stir, Alpha Luis, having also heard of the players within the frog, turns to Nate.

ALPHA LUIS: You all do realize there are still people there.
ALPHA LUIS: Wont their universe being chucked into some black hole be a horrible thing for them..?

The-Now-Dead-Doomed-Version Luis ended up walking right into the bubble where the showdown was about to go down. Meanwhile, it was actually Louces that noticed Bio had left to engage Grieve against HIC, immediately he punched one of his trusty BS Portals that he makes by screwing with Sburb/Sgrub's rules and jumped in.

Thankfully, this time he got in one of HIC's ships, what ship exactly? He does not know. He begins to move.
Kilius kept up his destruction of the Purple Frog's Rage whilst Turnus managed to ease off his own input to catch his breath and respond.

Turnus: ]~[ *pant* ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ This is a rare moment of hubris from me but we're only Ceruleanbloods ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ That being said, if my father was anything like Kilius', which he was, then Kilius was probably trained to be in excellent physical condition ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ That frog will be dealt with no problems whatsoever ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ As for the inhabitants of the Frog, forget them ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ They can wish to be brought back in a future life ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ We were all on board for dealing the finishing blow until two of the countless billions upon trillions of lives it contains spoke to us ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ I have always been prepared to make such a decision, you seem to lack the same resolve ]~[

This was bad. Turnus was perfectly fine with making gigantic choices like this but was also perfectly fine in making other people stew and squirm over them. If Blood and Breath were indeed needed, then the two voices from the Frog should be saved. How that would be accomplished is another story which calls for some plot bullshit.
JadedResearcher listens intensely to something beyond the confines of the Narrative.
JadedResearcher: Heir of Void dude, you have a point, this is definitely a Decision, capital "D". If I were a Seer of Mind, I'd be able to tell you exactly what any of our possible choices would result in. But I'm a Waste of Mind. And one thing we do, is push Decisions up a level. Meta shit. Don't worry about it. I've got this on lock.

activates their Strife Specibus for the first time all Narrative. Like all Wastes, JR has at least "StickKind", specifically for this sort of occasion. The YellowYard is pulled out, and JR faces none of the other charac....players. I meant Players. Obviously.

[Image: yellow_yard_rp.png]

(JR waits patiently for any Observers, even those with a character in the RP, to decide what should be done. Should no Observer voice an opinion within 24 hours, or should the Narrative move on, JR-Who-Is-Typing-This will act as the Observer to decide. JR expects to Decision to happen with ooc parens like this one, and to be discussed.)
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