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((FM, that Witch of Light thing is actually a thing in the sim. They're so flashy that they get attacked with priority- even corpses are distracting enough to draw aggro. Of course, that led to a bug where a Light player was continually getting attacked into the -30,000s. Just a fun tidbit!))
((I LIVE!!!))

Coral is half excited about this development, half frustrated. It's a more common mix of emotions for her than she would like.

---CURRENT authenticCoelenerate [AC] RIGHT NOW responded to memo---

AC: Well, it looks like The Purple Frog is significant now, oh, and also hostile, that's just fan-fucking-tastic, and I mean that both with the utmost sarcasm and with complete honestly, because while that is great for the satisfaction of the narrative, it's not so great for you guys, you know, the team specifically made up of non-combat players, so I would like to go ahead and suggest some alternative methods of winning this fight, try talking to it or something, go all pacifist run on its ass.

Meanwhile, Dirk, along with Roxy, Dirk Egbert, Cali, Alex, Blac, and Snow, still haven't moved from where they met up. In all the time it took the other team to get to The Purple Frog, Team )(IC hasn't made any progress at all. Of course there's a very good reason (read: excuse) for this, because Dirk always has a plan. They don't know where the Batterwitch is, so going after her would just end up being a wild goose chase, or more accurately in this case, a wild fish chase. So instead, they're using live bait to lure her in. After all, the Batterwitch isn't one to pass up fish in a barrel.

If they just sit still for a little while,
[Image: DvMM2bp.gif]
then she
[Image: IkOIN2Y.gif]
will come
[Image: zcMn2P7.gif]
to them.
JadedResarcher: Bluh, Nate, I'm not gonna get ganked here. Just 'cause my stats are shit doesn't mean I am not simply the best there is at an abscond off.
JadedResearcher: And debugging shit is right out, which is why I NORMALLY do shit remote. As dope and hilarious as that live sound track is, it's isn't exactly conducive to focusing on code. Not to mention the whole, "having to dodge a malicious proto-multiverse" thing I got going on.

has been humming along with Troll Kid Rock the entire time. This is not going to stop being a thing that is true any time soon.

JadedResearcher: Okay, I think I have a decent-ish plan. Whoever wants to fight to keep it distracted,do that, and then maybe me and the Waste of Heart can whip up a fraymotif to keep it docile long enough to punt it into The Pocket. I can lock it's decisions away from it, while Waste o....fuck. DENNIS does some heart-ey shit to make it forget for a little while that it's supposed to be an asshole. Pretty sure I have a "Logical Heartenza" somewhere. Kinda makes me wish I'd purchased the time upgrade for it, 'cause "Tick-tock Logical Heartenza" sounds dope as shit right now. Extra time, PLUS a new musical theme to try to listen to over Troll Kid Rock over there.
JadedReseacher: Gah, getting distracted. Gotta focus up. Dennis/Waste of Heart WHATEVER are you down for my plan??? Pretty sure we aren't supposed to uncorrupt the frog too much at this point, just enough to get it going. I think SBURB was ALWAYS going to be a hostile NPC, so The Purple Frog is probably exactly how it's supposed to be.
Dennis is doing the hearty thingy, trying to both uncorrupt the frog and revert it to a non-hostile NPC. Which was difficult due to the GIANT FUCKING CROAKS.
Vic is currently fighting off hostle thingys with Luis. They'll be overrun soon.
Bio saw the ship, and went into this rage mode. (Red eyes=rage mode btw) And he immediately flew up to the ship at ALMOST LIGHT FUCKING SPEED and punched the HIC right in the damn face.


*Insert Mortal Kombat theme here*

((if someone could draw bio punching the hic that would be cool
((Wait, now I'm confused as to where folks are. Kind of the downside of having characters literally teleport in.

Also VI, mayhaps see how things play out more with the frog and )(IC))

Turnus and Kilius were going to try and also uncorrupt the frog. To do this, they started their own titled fraymotif 'Koplamania Runnin' Wild'. What this meant was that Turnus would use his Heir powers in a more active fashion to try and draw out at least the negativity and dark majyyks from the frog whilst Kilius would try and destroy the stream, allowing for the creation of Hope to grow in the amphibian as the Rage is held off.

Turnus: ]~[ Grrgh ]~[
Kilius: ]~[ang in t]~[ere brot]~[er, we can do t]~[is!
Turnus: ]~[ What ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ No, I'm fine ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ I just hate the move name ]~[

Troll Kid Rock kept on doing his thing.
NATE has the utmost confidence that all the aspects needed are present. Time, Space, Hope, Rage, Mind, Heart, Life, Doom, Void, Light- Shit, the new universe needs Blood and Breath.


Well, this is a mess.

NATE: ...I'm going to speak to it. Something just tells me I need to speak to it before we trap it in its next cycle of rebirth.

NATE: Hold on, everybody. I'm about to do something really, really fucking stupid.

Troll Kid Rock continues to blare, ruining (or infinitely improving?) the moment's atmosphere.

He floats towards it, ignoring the chaos about him, and focusing on seeing what lies within the churning sea of stars and realities that was their foe in his mind's eye.

And then, dead-silent, without so much as a whisper, he screamed into the mind of the amphibious demiurge.

Nate received an answer. The session taking place within the frog reached out to him, not literally, yet.

??????: Hell6?
??????: Wh6 is this 4nd just wh4t the 4ctu4l hell is g6ing 6n?
??????: This is Shir6w P4ll4s, M4ge 6f Bl66d rep6rting in

!!!!!!: hey whAAts going on?
!!!!!!: were playin this here gAAme 88ut its nuttier thAAn squirrel shoot up in here

Shirow: Dj4ng6, intr6duce y6urself. Remember wh4t I s4id 4b6ut first impressi6ns.
Django: yeAAh yeAAh
Django: this heres DjAAngo Hickox the fastest gun in pAArAAdox spAAce
Django: the lizAArd people sAAid i wAAs a thief of 88reaAAth
Django: like a sith lord

Shirow: Ple4se, n6ne 6f th6se c6mp4ris6ns here.
Shirow: Wh6 is it spe4king t6 us? C4n y6u d6 s6mething 4b6ut the g4me?
FM looked at Coral and Dennis before turning to JR.

FM: I have some Tic Tock fraymotifs in store here, maybe ask Coral for additional effectiveness. Hell yeah, we're gonna do a combo! I've been waiting for this! (I'm so lonely)

She hand waved at Rain who nodded and flew towards Cernun and began healing them. Joel and Alpha Luis continues to distract the frog so it won't attack Nate.

As for the HIC team, which now consists of Louces, Blac, Snow, Dirk Egbert's friends, Hal and Malis, waited for Dirk Strider to signal them of HIC's arrival. Louces seemed a lot more impatient compared to the others, thankfully Blac and Snow is able to keep him in line.

As for Luis and Vic, the black hole grew above them, and the crumbled parts of the dreambubbles it absorbed started falling towards them. A few of the debris managed to crush a few enemies. Just as Vic would notice that he survived nearly being crushed, he noticed nobody is left, friend or foe, and more importantly... He doesn't see doomed Luis.
Bio is immediately shot back towards the others by the HIC, he didn't get far with that punch.
Vic starts to panic, and search the rubble for Luis, he doesn't want her to die.
Dennis is trying his best, but like the narrator said before, it is not easy.
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