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((I'll be all up for my Roxy being from GAME OVER timeline. I'll need to look up gameover timeline again but for now i'd love to have her in the past just to keep things simle. Also I'm tempted to do past Jake))

---- PAST tipsyGnostalgic [PTG] responded to the memo 413413 HOURS from NOW ----

PTG: hoo boy
PTG: dis is good
PTG: i gotta remember what ehatly i was drinking 2night
PTG: *enhaley
PTG: *enharley
PTG: *sexactly
PTG: wonk
PTG: srsly tho, dis is MUCH better drunkn deram than i hav usually
PTG: *drem
PTG: *drmeme
PTG: wtf is dr meme anyway
PTG: is it some1 who cures ur sick memes?
PTG: i mean, dats some nice drukn dream
PTG: cali strider
PTG: dirk egbrt
PTG: *erbgt
PTG: *eggbrat
PTG: like, wtf is egbert anyway
PTG: and calliope is apparntly a robot
PTG: i swear, this drunken dream is da best
PTG: much cooler than just crawling across an empty house at night w/batterwitch lookin over me
GT: Well you certainly sound like our Roxy.
TT: And I'm pretty sure this isn't a drunken dream.
TT: You're awake Rox.
TT: It's time to smell those fuckin' roses.
TT: Or in your case, the rosolio di rose.

GG: If you are indeed the Roxy we know and love, then that would make you Roxy Lalonde!
GG: If my detective skills are right, that is.
GG: I am right, right?

GT: Urg, all this timeline switcheroo nonsense is giving me a headache!
GT: It really is getting hot over here! Tell me again why were headed TOWARDS the random explosions and burning?!?

TT: They're not random explosions. They're carefully controlled smoke signals.
TT: With a broad definition of 'controlled'.
TT: Harley says she can control them, and I trust her.

GT: We'll that's new! I never thought I'd see the day when Mister Dirk Strider himself put his trust in anyone beyond himself!
GT: No offense meant by it of course. You're just so gosh darn controlling! Like to be the one pulling the strings and such.

GG: Well! It looks like the wild mustang has been reigned in! :O
TT: Hey, I might have some control issues, and I'm perfectly willing to admit that, but you all know that I do trust you.
GG: Of course, but you care for us more than you trust us.
TT: Can't argue with that.
GT: You've certainly gotten better about the whole trust thing. Especially since I've seen you last! And we don't expect you to get over it altogether in the space of a year.
TT: That's.
TT: Thanks.

GT: Put away that sap and put your game faces on everybody! We have arrived!

UT: Seems you've all gotten some great reunions.
UT: I ain't sure if I can call mine great per say, but compared to what we were before we are progressing much greatly than I first thought.
UT: Try taking this as a bit of positivity in your afterlife Alex.
TT: Eh.. I am good as I am, thank you very much.
TT: I have tons of questions later, specially about this causal reality shit and our impending destruction from an English overlord. If there's time for optimism between that I don't see it.
TG: oh geez, r we there yet?
TG: and did blue @gg mentioned my name?
TG: hmm? a cherub? never knew anything about them, we know about aliens such as trolls but nothing about cherubs.
TG: y? am i an alien? :U
UT: Yes, now you've mentioned it, we did heard about some ghosts of our dreambubbles looking for a male cherub to defeat English, or at least that's what I heard.
UT: I honestly had no idea what it meant until now.
TT: Roxy Harley.
TT: Could you please look up?

Alex Lalonde is currently near Roxy Harley, on top of her, floating to be specific. Alex is carrying a non godtiered Dirk Egbert while Cali finally caught up, panting.

CALI: is it just me-
CALI: or its way too hot?? UoU

?GG: dirkalal said he wanted some sort of challenge whenever he played board games di-strides
?GG: plus i made an antithesis named calliope
?GG: although i seem to like calliope more than he does tbh
?GG: o alex wait im just gonna

Roxy does look up, and she grins, snapping her fingers to cause most of the explosions to cease. The fire doesn't go out, though.

ROXY H.: aww yisssss my friends
ROXY H.: sorry there tho cali i cant really douse u w/ water :c
ROXY H.: not in my god tier roster to make something appear outta nothing

Dirk Lalonde seems to look a tiny bit confused - well, considering that you're looking at a meeting that's a clusterfuck of new people, yeah, it's kinda confusing.

Jane Strider smiles as she looks over at the English and Crocker and Strider direction - wait, hold up, the other one looks like her a lot. That's... disconcerting.

JANE S.: Shit on a shingle, is that another me?
JANE S.: Good fucking god, what the hell is going on now?

DIRK L.: I'm sure we'll get to that later.

Dirk sighs and crosses his arms, tugging at the ends of the Mage god tier outfit.

DIRK L.: For now, I think we should enjoy the clusterfuck.
Alex lightly drops Dirk Egbert to the ground before going down as well, she huffs a bit before standing straight, clearly worn out by flying for so long with someone in tow. Cali looked agape at all these new people, she waves at all of them.

CALI: hi alternate selves of us and other people i think! ^u^
CALI: and wow OuO
CALI: ur their strider? cool! u remind me so much of my bru, except u r definitely not a jerk, r u? no definitely not

DIRK: So we're here, seems like we'll have a long discussion about what's to come.

Dirk Egbert noticed his Lalonde alternate self along with Alex.

ALEX: Well, this is awkward.
DIRK: So you're like me but with Alex's upbringing? I wonder how did that worked out for you, if you don't mind me asking?
ALEX: Good Gods D do not make this any weirder.
DIRK: What? This is a beyond rare occurrence we could not even think of happening, how cool is that? I have tons of questions I'd love to be answered.
ALEX: Yes but, you do realized our alpha selves are still going to die right? Do we even have time to waste?
((obviously past!Roxy couldn't catch up with the rest of Game Over people and the same goes for the present one who went to another timeline so for now i'll be sticking with her pestering people online))

---- PAST tipsyGnostalgic [PTG] responded to the memo 413413 HOURS from NOW ----

PTG: lol
PTG: loooooooool
PTG: looooooooooooooooool
PTG: lmao
PTG: dstri who got berrer at trustin us
PTG: *bretr
PTG: *batter
PTG: fuck, sorry, that was 2 mean
PTG: sorry 4 conprain u 2 batterwitch
PTG: *compurrin
PTG: *comprarin
PTG: do u even have a rare comp?
PTG: anyway dstri who trusts us is totally a dream
PTG: and hey, enjoyin a clustefruck is good
PTG: wonk
PTG: also janey ur good at all dat detective stuff
PTG: like, com on, i know that my bffsie is a fucking sherlock homles
PTG: *homes
PTG: *homeless
PTG: *hoes
PTG: ah, fuk it
ComputerTechey [CT]: responded to the memo
CT: wow, has it realy been a week since i've been on here?
CT: sorry for being gone so long, did i miss anything important?
CT: I saw something about how we should try to find a way out of our mess
CT: and while it's not like I haven't tried before, I got a new idea
CT: this computer I'm typing on doesn't reset every three seconds,
CT: and so I've been trying to find a way to hook it up to my planet, wich, in essence, is a big computer
CT: wich is how i fucked up my season in the first place
CT: and see if I can, in essence, have my super computer do all the processing, and have my laptop be the very limited memory.
CT: I can hopefully find a way to hack my way back out of this now
CT: hopefully I can help you all as well after that.
((Hope you don't mind me popping in with my kidswap Jade ;u;))
[Image: jadelalonde2_by_sheeppun-dbaatnz.png]
--- CURRENT telluralGyroid [TG] RIGHT NOW responded to memo ---
TG: so like
TG: this memo is for peeps who got skrewed over :u
TG: *screwed
TG: session wise?
TG: then boy howdy
TG: i fit right in
TG: im like
TG: in the abyss of death
TG: or a deram bubble
TG: *dream
TG: doesnt matter
TG: feels like ive been dead for awhile now
TG: i think im gonna wander
TG: see if i can find this growing clusterfuk party
TG: *clusterfuck
((Holy shit, this memo just exploded with new members, huh? Weba @Cealvan! CT was mentioned in reply #19. Other than that... A lot of stuff has happened. Omg @Sheeppun, I love your little art there! Both of you are welcome to hop right on in and join the clusterfuck!))

Dirk, Jane, and Jake descend from their flight. They walk the rest of the short distance to where the others have gathered.

JANE: Those fires still haven't gone out... Should we be worried?
JAKE: It just a dream bubble so don't even worry about it!
DIRK: These dream bubbles are looking pretty beaten up.
JAKE: I'm sure they can handle a little more roughhousing!
DIRK: Alright, we've finally made it.

Dirk stands rigidly, a bit tense but maintaining his cool as shit stance. There's a moment of awkward shuffling before he gets that under wraps, because that shit is just not cool, yo.

Jane Crocker catches the eye of her Strider counterpart, and very suddenly this whole situation seems to sink in in its entirety. She looks struck by the realisation that yes, this is all really happening, and she doesn't quite know what to do with that information.

Jake is stuck caught up on the fact that there are so many different versions of everyone. He doesn't even need to ask for names! He can tell who most of everyone is just by their looks. From a quick sweep he counts two other Dirks and another Jane and another Roxy. It's exciting is what it is! This seems like the part in the move where a really important adventure begins!

DIRK: Alright let's skip the frivolous nice-to-meet-you bullshit and cut straight to the chase.
DIRK: Alex is right, we don't have time to waste when your alpha timelines are headed towards massive destruction as we speak.

JAKE: But Dirk! Don't you think this is an awesome opportunity? We can meet our alternate selves!
DIRK: We'll have plenty of time for all that soon, but right now we've got things to discuss.
DIRK: Such as four overpowered carapacians, three batshit crazy trolls, two corrupted players, and one lord of time on a destruction bender.

JANE: Don't go getting ahead of yourself Dirk.
JANE: You said it yourself, we don't know for sure that any of our baddies even exist in their sessions!
JANE: It's all this 'causality' nonsense and such.

JAKE: It's a bunch of weird puzzle shit is what it is!
DIRK: Then it's all the more important that we get started now.
DIRK: We have a lot of ground to cover and limited amount of time.
DIRK: We need to go through and figure out what versions of these enemies, if any at all, exist in the other sessions so that we can make a plan to best combat them.

JAKE: Aye aye! Lead on then captain Dirk!
DIRK: I suppose the easiest way to go about this would be to ask if any of them sound familiar.
DIRK: Remember that if they do exist in your session, then they more than likely won't be the exact same, but they will be similar.
DIRK: I put together a list from everything the other dead players from my session could tell me.
DIRK: Take a look.

Dirk hands over a rumpled sheet of paper. On it, written in all different colors of ink, is this list:

- Jack Noir: Dersite carapacian with the Black Queen's prototyping ring. murders parents sometimes. doesn't like rolled up newspapers! a very bad dog! SAYS HELLO BY STABBING YOU. Has the ability to teleport using energy from the Green Sun and can destroy entire universes with the Red Miles.
- Bec Blanche: Prospitian carapacian with the White Queen's prototyping ring. hates Jack Noir! like, really fuckin hates him. hates him enough to chase him across the entire fuckin yellow yard. OBVIOUS CASE OF RED-BLACK QUADRANT VACILLATION BETWEEN JACK AND BEC.
- Robo Jack: Cyborg-ified dersite carapacian. The leader of a notorious gang of ruffians who call themselves the Felt.
- Lord Jack: Dersite carapacian possessed by Lil' Cal. He destroyed the entire moon of prospit with one blast from his laser eyes!
- Gamzee Makara: A purple blood troll with the Bard of Rage claspect. GOES GRUBFUCKING CRAZY WHEN HE GETS SOBOR. K1ND OF 4 D1CK. >:/ Just, Fuck That Guy.
- Areana Serket: Troll from a previous session with a ring that allows her to come back to life. Blue troll lady who knows a lot and likes to talk. SH3 H4S 4 H34L1NG 4B1L1TY FROM H3R GODT13R WH1CH 1S SYLPH OF L1GHT.
- The Batterwitch: Fuchsia blood troll empress, aka Sea Hitler. Also Betty Crocker. HER IMPERIAL CONDESCENSION. Fish Bitch.
- Grimbark!Jade: the batterwitch, or fish bitch or whatever you want to call her. she was able to turn me to turn me to her side using her troll powers because i had prototyped my dog bec with my dream self.
- Crockertier!Jane: Betty Crocker was able to control my mind as well and by using my Crocker Corp tiara top.
- Lord English: A cherub, probably. Lord of Time who is on a rampage killing ghosts and cracking apart the Void.

Dirk pauses when he notices the memo notification light up in the corner of his shades.

DIRK: Hang on just a sec. Some more people have joined the memo.

TT: Yo.
TT: CT, did you get the .~ATH file I sent you?
TT: And we also have what looks like another Roxy.
TT: Who are you then, Roxy Egbert? No, wait, Roxy English.
TT: No, I got it, Roxy Crocker.
TT: We're kind of in the middle of something here, but you might just be able to help us out.
TT: Depending on where you're at, we might even be able to help you out as well.

((I need to make a spreadsheet to keep track of all these kidswaps...))
Egbert looked down to check out new responses to the memo.

UT: Greetings, most of you all have been answering for a while now, correct?
UT: Welcome then.
UT: To update, me and my friends have met up with our alternate universe selves through a place called dreambubbles.
UT: Now, I personally have no idea the characteristics of your sessions, but if you could try sleeping maybe we all could meet up in person and discuss what we could all do to avert what went wrong.
UT: If you could then try following the large bonfire signal we've prepared for the arrival of each other. Everyone is welcome you see.

ALEX: Hey Dirk, who are you talking to?
DIRK Just some other unfortunate souls.

Alex however took a look at Dirk's baddie list with an interested look on her face.

ALEX: Dang, now that's one comprehensive shit list if I do say so myself.
ALEX: Unfortunately we know squat shit about what my session's dealing with. Fortunately however, we know the mastermind.

Alex began scribbling at the back of the paper. She wrote:

Empress English - Evil bitch (possibly cherub?), could mangle up our ghost selves, may or may not be a Muse of Life, looking for Lord of Doom brother

Jaz Weiss (bad cat monster, a literal form of cancer) and (possibly) Jaz Blake (also really hates Wiess)
Some trolls: Someone with anger issues? (Sorry, never actually met the others since I died performing the scratch)
Grimdarks: Jack (got mind controlled by some sick Troll Hitler) and Post-Scratch Grammy (ask D Egbert about that whole debacle)

ALEX: And that is the most that I've got, for now I think.
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