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AB: Technically, Lord English is the Alpha version of a lot of Big Bads. Lord English is the one that managed to destroy all of Reality, though. Or...made it so the only way he could be defeated destroys all of reality. Same fucking difference.
AB: We're also fighting a Troll Empress that absorbed the powers of one of the Non Alpha versions of him. Maybe it was a Muse instead of a Lord? I don't even care anymore. Point is, remixed universes be wack. You keep seeing the same people but with different classpects and last names.
AB: I mean, there is a 92.00396035940909% chance that just because someone's last name is "English" doesn't mean they have anything to do with the reality destroying asshole. Hell, I'm pretty sure there are other people with that last name from the same damn universe. And plenty of this assholes alt selves have different names, and species, and genders. Whatever. The one common thread is they are all huge assholes and are CLEARLY final bosses.

At this point, JadedResearcher and whoever came along with them is definitely almost at the Purple Frog.
Alright, FM took out her trusty notebook and began writing in where their characters are assigned, it's good to be resourceful!

Team Frog: FM themselves, Cernun and Rain

Cause Frog business is serious business, it's best to have the right amount of players to fuck it up.

Team Final Boss: Dirk Egbert, Cali Strider, Alex Lalonde and Blac and Snow Shihouin

Yeah that sounds about right.

Then they realized there's still Joel, Louces, and Luis! Shit! They can't influence them without the ability to contact them! Wait- Why not?! Luis did still have her phone right?

Nope, doomed Luis is being pulled into the Black Hole along with a chunk of Flare Town while Alpha Luis had long gotten rid of any communication devices for her...


Then they realized, Joel is still reading through the memo, they decided to call him.

FM: Hello again! ;D
FM: Oh I didn't noticed you @unnervingUmbra, welcome! Honestly... I can't help but think that I've seen you somewhere before, argh, inserting myself in a different reality sure does mess with my metagaming memories! I guess it's for the best... Wouldn't want to ruin the fabrics of reality now, would I?
CA: hi?
CA: @FM?
FM: Finally gotten out of that time period now! Did you? Oh FINALLY! Thank God for fast forward powers amirite?? ;)
CA: tbh i have NO IDEA what youre SAYING!
CA: but since you said you DID HELP US, thanks?
FM: Hey, no problem dude! ;D
CA: so um... since you ALREADY know me, which isnt at all WEIRD and kinda CREEPY, um... what's this about HIC and FROGS?
CA: wait, youre talking about OUR frog, right?
CA: so me and rain SUCCEEDED?!
FM: Whoah, hold your horses man, not yet really, no.
CA: um... what do you mean?
FM: Yeah you kinda screwed the pooch on this one, see, your frog is sick as shit.
FM: Sorry. :(
CA: sh*t.
CA: i figured...
CA: then I better FIX THAT! im FINDING that damn TOAD! i HAVE to!
FM: That's the spirit! :D
FM: Oh and Louces is currently reading through this memo! You may understand that it'd be best if I don't talk to him so just... I don't know, sabotage him or something? But not before you tell him to go deal with the fish queen, alright? That'll be great! ;)
CA: oh, OK THEN! ill DO THAT! =)

As their rocketship PCH0000s them towards John's Burning Bubble, and you know, meet up with the HIC crew, as foretold by FM'S Time Wasted abilities, Joel suddenly had his angel grab Louces's old as device, told him about HIC and pressed the eject button, having his seat flung out of the ship, hearing Louces's last angry remark to him.


Joel just giggled and saw Snow's airship passing by him very quickly, with Rain immediately leaving just as the ship started to go swiftly down towards the bubble as well, leaving also some disapproving cries from her family as she leave them again, welp, thankfully she pulled Cyris with her this time.

With Cyris by her she floated towards Joel and said:

RAIN: So where to?

The rocket and airships landed very roughly near Cernun and Dirk's group, Louces immediately jumping out before his rocket exploded, which isn't that spectacular since everything in this bubble (except the cake of course) is fucking exploding.

SNOW: oh no...

Snow walked out of the ship, followed by Blac and Alex. Alex immediately rushed to reunite with her sister with Cali doing so as well, both hugging each other, and looking in awe at their new robot/technically living bodies. Blue Dirk just gave them a thumbs up, feeling a tinge bit of happiness at seeing them all again.

So, everyone seems to be united now. Thank god! That took long enough!

As for the frog, Alpha Luis is looking at it, scared. Pointing her knife at it, it is now bigger than her, and is looking very threatening...
Dennis would purposely fly into the black hole, and end up right at where the frog was growing.
DENNIS: Oh shit, this thing is really getting big. Welp, fuck it.
Dennis would wait for the others before proceeding to cure the frog of its corruption, he felt sweat go down his face as the frog grew.

As for Vic, who was furiously trying to pull Luis out of the black hole, he got sucked in along with Luis. Flare town would land right on what's left of the green moon, crushing many clocks and half a fridge covered in purple blood.
RIP Gamzee, you will not be missed.
Bio was tracking down the last ship that made it, which of course had the HIC on it. He wasn't do this for the others, he was doing this for vengeance.
JadedResearcher is floating in front of the giant corrupted Purple Frog-That-Looks-Like-A-Toad. With them is the Waste of Time(FM), Cernun, and Rain, none of whom JR really has that much experience with. At the Frog already is the AuthorBot, The Waste of Heart(Dennis), and Luis.

JadedResearcher: Sooooo....what now? Waste of He...Dennis...are you ready to try doing the Hearty thing on it? Do you need any help from any space players? DO we have any space players?
JadedResearcher: Fuck, I don't wanna go dig up that spreadsheet again, dope as fuck though it was.
FM stepped in through their timey wimey portal, however that works, they themselves have no clue, they waved at the others.

FM: Heyo! We're doing this right? We are freaking doing this!
FM: Although... I doubt just doing a hearty thing would constitute as... Easy.

Just as they said that the Purple Frog thing gave out a large CROAK, pushing the players back for a few meters, did that thing just moved?

Apparently yeah, it's already gigantic eyes seemingly glared at the players, it opened its mouth, letting put another loud CROAK that almost blasts the player's eardrums, before moving up.

Due to Rain and Joel's foolish "hacking", the frog is now a hostile NPC.

Great, just freaking great.

Oh and by the way, Rain is with Joel (as to not mess with continuity, or else the Time players would flip)

RAIN: Oh no.

She stared at Joel.

JOEL: yup, we did THIS.
CERNUN: W=at t=ee =ell Joel??!! Youu were gone forr mont=s to make.... W=atever t=ee =ell t=at t=ingg is??!!
FM: This is why we don't mess with frogs people!
FM: Shit happens! D:
(JR is confused and amazed. Their URL for this forum has been at "404" for days, and it technically STILL is, but they can go to main page and navigate back here and it's so weird).

JadedResearcher: Oh my fucking god. Of course. Of course there's a boss fight at both ends, why am I fucking surprised. Holy shit, I do NOT have the stats for actual in person combat. I sure hope you other guys do.

JadedResearcher's in game stats, are, sadly Wasted except for the occasional big, flashy, Cataclysmic attack. They back the fuck away and start trying to figure out what needs to happen. They can't fucking KILL the frog, but who would want to live in a hostile unive....oh. Fuck. No WONDER SBURB kills so many of it's players, if it originated from a croaking asshole like this. JR always knew, deep down, that SBURB/Skaia/The Multiverse was a hostile NPC.

The AuthorBot quickly updates anyone with the rad multitasking skills necessary to still be using the Memo system, then begins supporting anyone who is fighting The Purple Frog, which apparently has just been upgraded to Narratively Significant.
Purple lightning shattered the dark void which signalled the coming of the beasts. In the silence, a whisper could be heard.


It was a chant, a chant of hope, of hopelessness and the soundtrack to the peak of Caucasian civilisation.


Kid Rock's anthem Bawitdaba was playing, seemingly from the heavens themselves. These were no angels however, these were men.


It was time.


The collective group presumably clenched their assholes tight enough to form a galaxy.


At that moment, Kilius and Turnus had arrived with Troll Kid Rock in tow, literally. They had arrived in a pickup truck.

Turnus: ]~[ I hate this ]~[
Kilius: Kilius loves t]~[is!

TKR: *Bawitda noises*

The two forebruders took their place in facing the giant frog whilst Troll Kid Rock kept performing.
(Oh god, this is perfect. The Multiverse starts not with a Big Bang, but a "BANG DA DANG DIGGY DIGGY")
NATE is absolutely horrified. Seems someone just turned the multiverse into a baddie. Ultimate cancer. He can't KILL it though...

NATE: JR, fucking DO something! Debug or whatever, whip out a weapon, defend yourself, ANYTHING. Don't get ganked.
RAIN: Oh god we were so sorry!
RAIN: I mean, we only attempted to illegally cheat a genesis frog back to life, right joel?

Joel merely nods very quickly as he barely dodged another incoming Croak Blast, as FM is now naming it, basically it is a gigantic croak that can deliver large amounts of damage (duh).

FM: Yeah, sorry bout this, my narratives tend to lean on bad shit happening and happening and happening. It just keeps HAPPENING!!
FM: That's a typical timey wimey player to you! :D

Just as they said that the Purple Frog hit them with it's Croak Blast, sending them flying, that's gotta hurt. Oh shit, now it is charging at them-

Quickly, Cernun charged in and rammed at the Purple Frog, catching it off guard just enough so they can divert it's attention. Joel summoned some of his Hopey Angels to be Cernun's backup. Finally, Rain rushed in and did a Roguey of Lifey thing on FM, stabalizing their HP and healing it up from the negatives.

Oh and Alpha Luis was still a someone that is watching all this shit unfold, having no idea what is happening, and also seeing her friends about to be beaten to crap by that thing, she tries grabbing it's attention by literally being a glowing target, Witch of Light powers baby! She flew max speed around the Purple Frog, confusing it a lot.

Meanwhile... The exploding bubble crew is together, with the roleplayer's characters itching to go out and confront their fish queen.

((That Troll Rock entrance tho... So majestic :,)
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