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((Are canon characters from other fandoms accepted?))
((@Kinker I don't see why not? But I don't know, maybe CB would be ok with it :D

FM: Alright, Frog Team it is! Leave the endless esposition dump to me! ;)
FM: So I just do my own thing and detail very vaguely (as to not bring on too many spoilers, that'd be bad for a Time player like me) what I was going for with the frog thing.
FM: You see the thing that I realized after fully immersing myself in this particular storyline is the fact that I am a Waste now is that my power over the narrative has weakened, like a teensy bit to be more specific.
FM: Meaning I can't actually add in any more creations like I can do before, just gonna be focused on leading them to whatever branch I please I guess.
FM: Thankfully, I'm making sure I'm restraining myself this time so don't worry about being massacred by whatever big bad that you come in contact with! At least, I hope?
FM: Anyways, @Cernun?
CS: Um.... W=at do youu askk of me greatt Godd of my universe...?
FM: Good lord no need for THAT much formalities, makes things awkward.
CS: Apologiess.... Mayy youu forgivee me forr beingg wayy to formal to t=ee onee w=om mayy or mayy nott birt=edd my existence.... Andd t=us mayy.... On aa w=im.... Erasee me as well...?
FM: Jeez, chill my child. For I am no god, I'm just a lazy mofo who spends 12 hours a day with face pressed on a computer screen.
FM: But before you say anything, yes I forgive you, can we move on now?
CS: Yess....
CS: T=oug=.... W=yy wouldd youu call forr my =elp...? Don't youu =ave controll over me...? Beingg aa Godd andd alll...?
CS: O=, youu saidd no "meta questionss".... Rig=tt...?
FM: Yep :\
CS: I'm sorryy againn t=en....
FM: Ugh, I told you it's nothing. Just knock yourself to sleep already, that's all I ask, I mean this convo is going much longer than expected I need you to progress already.
CS: It s=alll be done t=en....

--- ??? clinicalSlytherin [CS] went idle---

By that, FM, through Wastey Timey Wimey powers made it so that Cernun dreams of being on the burning John's planet bubble, right besides Bio. Cali immediately offered them cake, while Blue Dirk gave them a wave. After that, it was Dirk's turn to speak in memo.

UT: I see you've brought us our Space player, are you intending to have them be on the Frog team? As I find their usefulness be the most beneficial there.
FM: Why yes, I see me providing you enough resources for both of your robot suits have boosted your already considerably high IQ level. You're welcome for that~ ;)
UT: Thank you. But I am not here to be told of what is already obviously you're doing. I am here to know what you plan on me and my friend from the universe I am guessing you remixed.
FM: You are correct once again! :D
FM: So, I made it really obvious, care to guess what team you shall be in? ;)
UT: Me and Cali are in Team HIC, mainly because of how combat-wise, our new robot suit would be very powerful against the fish bitch.
UT: Plus plot-wise I am getting vengeance for being forked nearly to double death by her before.
UT: Correct?
FM: Huh, nice. Pretty much everything you said is accurate.
FM: You better tell that to Cali now. Meanwhile, I am bringing the others into meeting up with all of you as to finally get this shit on the road, alright? ;)

Dirk Egbert nodded, before turning to Cali.

DIRK: Me and her are going against HIC.
CALI: aye aye! won't let u down! ^U^
DIRK: Cernun, you better say farewell with your friend here, as you'd be separated from him for a while.
CALI: aww, space dude ain't soming with us? well, good luck! ~uO
CERNUN: Ii alreadyy didd...

Cernun nodded at Bio, wordlessly letting him know that they'll see each other again so he shouldn't worry.

The one who drove the airship this time is Snow, thankfully she is a bit decent on it, thanks to being around Malis all the time. She motioned the others to get in the damn ship already, surprisingly, it manages to fit everyone. Blac pulled Alex in, while Rain followed suit.

FM: OK, so... @Rain and @Blac?

Rain noticed her name as she's scrolling on the memo.

SW: Me..?
FM: Yes you! Now don't be shy and talk to mommy ;)
SW: I... Already have a mom.
FM: Not literally dummy! :O
FM: Man, why did I even decided to type that, jeebus that sounded so wrong. Anyways, you and your family are Life players right?
SW: Uh-huh?
FM: Yeah, we'd really need you all for this HIC thing.
FM: Except you, Rain, you're dealing with your frog.
SW: Frog?
FM: You know, what you and Joel had been trying to cook up, that is still a thing, and whatever it was you were planning it kinda worked?
FM: So yeah, congratulations on that.
SW: Really..?
FM: Yeah, really. But of course since you idiots cheated, there are still problems with what you did, particularly cause you kinda corrupted the frog?
FM: I mean, things cannot be that easy right?
SW: I figured... So what? I am supposed to fix my mistake right? I guess that's fair.
FM: Bingo! :D
FM: Also, tell Alex there that she's may do whatever she wants, go against HIC or provide whatever help she can for the corrupted Frog Breeding? Maybe something else? Who knows, it's her decision.

Rain turned to the others.

RAIN: Well, i guess you two are going off fighting the troll monarch.
BLAC: Oh cool.
SNOW: she's still alive?!
SNOW: wait a minute... what about you? you aren't going to do something dangerous again once we reach others right?
RAIN: Just know that i'll try not to.
RAIN: Please, just trust me on this sis, i'll be fine.
BLAC: Rain... Snow, tell me she doesn't plan on doing anything reckless again, please.
SNOW: why ask me? i'm not my sister...

There was a long pause. After a few moments, Alex finally spoke after seeing she was mentioned in memo, seemingly having calmed down by the initial shock of speaking to her actual deity.

ALEX: So um...
ALEX: I am going to battle HIC.
ALEX: Since frog breeding is too critical for me to screw up.
ALEX: Is that ok?

Everybody is still silent, nobody answered her, she just sighed and leaned back on her seat.

After the tearful reunion, we fast forward to everything that happened with Joel and his cousin. They spoke, he got tempted to stay, was convinced by Louces not to, got tons of character progression as Joel and Louces got especially close after that. In tears Joel said goodbye to Jay, and left the bunker before realizing they have no exact way to leave this place. Instead, Jay said that he has enough supplies for them to build a Rocketship they can blast off into the void. So they proceeded to build and with help of Joel's angels and Jay's knowledge of machinery, they finished building the damn thing in just a few hours.

JAY: aaaaaaaaalright! no more tearful goodbyes pal...
JOEL: dont WORRY! ill see your FUTURE SELF very soon.
JOEL: at least... i hope.

They gave each other a last goodbye hug, Louces holds back a groan, this is their tenth hug this day alone! If this ain't sappy, he doesn't know what is. He forced a smile and waved goodbye at Jay before ushering Joel to the Rocket seat.

JOEL: yep, just rereading the memo here, seeing whats up.
LOUCES: w4It wh4t?! whOS dRIvINg thEN?!
JOEL: nobody, we got auto pilot so dont worry.

Louces gulped but wanting to get out of this place he just immediately pressed the blast off button, pretty soon they are flying off! Jay looked at the rocket getting farther and farther away up the sky, sighing proudly at his little cousin.

Last and certainly not the least, Doomed Luis was temporarily separated from Vic due to the crowd that's gathering to see the gigantic Black Hole swallowing other bubbles, she was looking for Vic when she suddenly felt being weightless...

The Black Hole is starting to pull Flare Town in.

Meanwhile, the Frog is certainly as big as a full grown adult person now, it is being observed by Alpha Luis. Thinking it is dangerous, she has her strife specibus, Pocketknifekind, out, just in case something pops out of this monstrosity. Seriously, is this even a frog anymore? As it is so sickly looking it is almost like a Toad now.

((I take it back, this is much much MUCH more longer than the previous one. Holy shit I should chill XD
Vic rushed around, screaming Luis's name, hoping to find her.
DENNIS: Freedom! We waste have really gotten into some shit with our combined story causing so much. We got pretty far my friend, and I guess it'll be really sad to see it all end here. Unless we're popping out sequels or AU's concerning Bio's lab and Cernun's crew, we may never see them again. Anyways, we should go and find that frog.
CYRIS: I'm coming... You'll need my coding as well.
DENNIS: Sure sure, just don't distract Rain with both of your lovey dovey shit. I have no problem with it but we gotta stay focused here.
Dennis would write stuff in his book, and things would start to progress as he and the frog crew made their way towards the black hole.
Malis was okay, but he needed a break from all the shit that's been going on.
As for everyone's favorite Dave, he uh, has no idea what the actual fuck is going on.
FM: Yeah, Dennis, the thing about me being a Time player means I should be good at making endings.
FM: Turns out I'm mostly not, so I highly doubt it'll be anything but that, so don't worry.
FM: I still have tons of shit to write. ;)
((@kinker31, I'm not opposed... But I'm not sure how it would fit into the narrative. If you can figure out a way to make it work, then go for it! I would also suggest a little backreading so you know what you're getting into.))

Dirk, who has been mostly standing back and watching shit go down, decides that it's time to be relevant again.

DIRK: I'm assuming that I'm meant to be on Team )(IC then.
ROXY: i cant wait to finally get back at the batterwitch!
ROXY: or, a batterwitch at least
ROXY: that reminds me... I should probly find my other friends
ROXY: theyd def want to get back at fishbitch

DIRK: Do you have any idea where they are?
ROXY: no, not really
ROXY: buuuut it looks like u guys arent short of peeps to join team kick ass
ROXY: so no one would really notice if i skedaddled out for a little bit
ROXY: ill go find them and come back with the calvary!!

DIRK: Alright, stay safe.
DIRK: And Junior, since you don't have many combat capabilities, you're with Team Frog.


DIRK: Don't worry, there'll be plenty to keep you busy there.
DIRK: It's always the simplest plans that go to shit the fastest.
DIRK: I'm sure that it won't be easy, so you need to be ready and keep yourself aware.


Coral claps her hands together and grins, she loves it when a plan comes together. When she claps her hands, she drops JR's hand, which she forgot she was holding, and the effects of the fraymotif fade.

CORAL: I will act as an overseer, keeping an eye on things and staying near The Pocket just in case something goes wrong and I am needed.

((I'm going to be very busy for the next few days due to irl stuff, but I'll still try to post when I can!))
JadedResearcher is used to navigating to wherever the fuck the AuthorBot is. That's their whole thing. AB finds the shit, and decides if the shit has hit the fan to a degree that requires Player input, and then JR makes their way to AB. So JR takes point in guiding the members of Team Frog who are ready to the corrupted Purple Frog. Who knows what they will find when they get there? Or even how "long" objectively speaking it will take? For all we know, the journey will take 5 minutes from Team Frog's point of view, but be centuries of development for the Frog itself.

What's the worst that could happen?

AuthorBotJunior is pretty much unnoticed, but is staying with team HIC. WAY more odds of explosions there.
NATE is pretty damn sure he's gonna be doing frog shit. Horrorterrors fit into the Void domain. Certainly he's a fit for the job.

NATE: Remember, if we come across another version of LE, we throw him into the hole. Maybe making him "already there" in the resulting next cycle of Paradox Space, idk, but if it's required, it's required.

NATE: I'm just wondering if we've done this song and dance before- how many times have we orchestrated the start of reality? Ten, fifty, infinite times? Once? Is the question even meaningful?

NATE: Is success inevitable? If we succeed, then yes, it was inevitable because we'd have created ourselves by extension and fulfilled an inevitability. If not? It was never meant to be.

NATE: Whatever happens, I'm powerless to affect. Fate is the worst thing.

NATE: Regardless, let's do this shit. Fuck yeah.
Suddenly and old memo opened by Dirk on computer pings

-- unnervingUmbra [UU] responded to the memo RIGHT NOW --

UU: why hell+O, hell+O there, every+One.
UU: l+O+Oks like i have managed t+O stumble acr+Oss s+Ome pretty heated debates
UU: apparently, s+Ome parallel timelines +Or even realities are s+Omeh+Ow happening
UU: they keep happening ;^)
The AuthorBot is waiting patiently for the group lead by JadedResearcher to arrive at the Purple Frog. Since she is a flawless multitasking automaton, she is also dicking around on the internet, and thus notices the Memo activity.

In the Memo:
AB: Yup, things keep happening, and with any luck, will keep on happening. There is a 99.17259659317112% that, if successful, we will be creating all of reality, and thus all things, happening or otherwise.
AB: Normally @JR would be the one tripping over themselves to write the recap, but I'll give you the short version. Everything is bullshit. Because the Waste class is bullshit. Especially the Waste of Space who caused the bullshit of remixed universes and some asshole final boss that we don't even get to interact with, Lord English. So 3 OTHER Wastes, including @JR came sniffing around looking for sweet sweet narrative scraps, which is bullshit.
AB: And meanwhile some bullshit Grace, which is LIKE a Waste but probably more magical, turns out to have caused a lot of bullshit herself.
AB: So we are gonna bullshit an excuse of an ending out of all this bullshit, because fuck if we don't have enough Bullshit stacked up to make literally all universes.
-- unnervingUmbra [UU] responded to the memo RIGHT NOW --

UU: i have t+O admit that y+Our particular style +Of st+Orytelling might be t+O+O c+Oncise f+Or my tastes i will let it slide ^o^
UU: i d+O have a questi+On t+O ask: h+Ow c+Ome that y+Our tr+Ouble is called L+Ord English?
UU: is there a universe where Wave is n+Ot +Only a l+Ord instead O+f bard but a tyrant as well? h+Ow quaint -o-
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