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NATE: Oh, and uh, here's the part where my Seer abilities kinda failed me. Cause they always do.

NATE: When I said that only one LE was Alpha, I was slightly incorrect.

NATE: That LE was a copy too, ecto-cloned from the puppet vessel paired with... something that's pretty damn Voidy and screwing with remote scrying, probably enough to fuck up omniscient beings' ability to know shit.

NATE: They're ALL copies of what's in the damn fucking juju. Any copy is just as valid as another.

NATE: I just KNEW my Seer arc of being totally right until I'm wrong when it matters would come up here.

JadedResearcher is agog. This is a real thing that is happening.
JadedResearcher: Dennis...are...are you suggesting that we IMPREGNATE that shitty black hole with the frog? Like it's a Skaia hole? .........................Holy fucking shit. I'm down. Let's fucking do this.
JadedResearcher: Instead of grist, we fertilize it with the Troll Empress's shitty Lord English power stealing corpse. Instead of Skaia, it's a black hole the size of two universes. Fuck it's beautiful.
JadedResearher: If tiny little skaia becomes as big as a universe when you shove a frog into it...then a black hole the size of TWO universes would probably become...ALL universes. The multiverse. Which is how much space we'd need to shove the Afterlife into it, after all.

turns to Nate, not even being surprised that he was here all along. Void players, amirite?

JadedResearcher: Nate, it's just like you said. The black hole is the ending. And if we shove enough Space creation magic into it, it's also the beginning. Fuck. So dumb. This is JUST the kind of shit Skaia eats right the fuck up.

is steadfastly trying to not get off track and worry about where AB and ABJ are.
DENNIS: Yea when Hal's session ended and shit they did a similar thingy. This could very much work. Now it may seem dangerous but remember we have two wastes and a grace player, I think if we suffer a casualty we can fix something and revive them.
Cernun quickly pressed the button Bio told them about which sent a few pods hurtling down towards the black hole, which luckily had been consistently being the tunnel connecting the Lab Session with the Dead Planet's universe. They were just about to ask why the hell did Bio not tell them about being able to send in a ship when suddenly he noticed the dude Bio calls his god. They're confused.

Also the pods safely reached the universe Hal and the others are currently on, but before that, Alex and Blac's family responded to the memo.

CS: Wait w=at, aa Godd youu sayy...?
TT: Are we having freaking divine intervention here?! Holy crap, now I am sure we're going face first down into a tragedy!
YD: wh4t thE fUCk 4RE yOU 4LL t4LkINg 418OUT?! NEEd I REMINd yOU 4LL th4t I 4M thE ONE 4Nd ONLy LOUCES?!
SS: our rightful god, we get it. seriously do you not get tired of all this narcissism of yours?
SW: What my sister is saying is you should just chill louces, for everyone's sake.
SM: Wait whats this bout Gods and shit?
SM: I mean wha? Can anyone explain whats happenin and all please?

In the midst of the OC's and AU's confusions, a wild self-insert appears! Though not really, they wouldn't want to continue burning the fourth wall like almost everybody is doing, so they just resigned to speaking in memo.


---??? freedomMaker [FM] ??? from now responded to memo---

FM: Jeez I know now I'm gonna fucking regret this, but fuck it the fourth wall is now killed to death so why the hell not?
FM: Anyways, hi? I'm seeing everything is meta as can be, not gonna risk destroying the fabrics of reality by being there like literally almost everyone currently present. So um...
FM: Dennis? That's your name right? Like, you actually went in person now finally, yeah like I said I'd rather not risk doing so myself but you all already know that. I guess... I should say nice to meet you?
CS: Er.... Lett us guess.... You'ree aa "Godd" tooo...?
FM: Oh shit whattup, hey Cernun. Never thought "talking to one's self" is going to feel as weird as this, and that's saying something considering I have been doing this for a long fucking time... Like reeeeeaaaaally long Waste of Time.
FM: Ha ha! Get it? Cause that's the classpect I gave myself to actually enter this shitstorm! Hah!
SM: Whaaat..?
FM: Oh Blac, if you ain't as confused as before then you sure are going to have a bigger headache paying attention to me.
FM: Really just, do your thing and get out of that zombie planet already! I have no idea why I even decided to incorporate that plot point, seriously you have more shit ton of pstuff to get into, now go.
FM: Please...? Sorry if I sound rude.

Blac just stared at the memo blankly, none of this makes sense, she just, does not respond. As does Snow and Rain who just finds this all "Gods" thing weird, especially the Greek literature buff Alex who is just internally flipping out. So to help them deal with this possible psychological crisis, the roleplayer just wrote down that their pods landed perfectly near them containing a brand new fast as fuck ship for their liking (and for the plot progression), enjoy~

So yeah, Snow was like:

SNOW: welp here's our ride! let's get the fuck out of here please.

Rain and Blac nodded.

FM: BTW, Louces is distracted by whatever he and Joel is doing so yeah, no one is gonna derail what I plan on saying.
FM: OK, lets start with why I am here. Well as you may know I have written many OC's and AU's who managed to interact with this narrative, somehow, I honestly have no idea how it came to this much of a clusterfuck, no offense (I like it this way).
FM: I mean, I wasn't in my game long but I really am lacking in the restraint department. @JR, thanks for telling us bout all that, made me realize the shit I needed to change in myself should I want to nail this Waste's quest thing. BTW if you didn't caught on I mentioned my game had set me to a Waste of Time, if that helps?
FM: Anyways, enough with the rumbling, I should get back on track! So, I guided the rescue session (comprising with Cernun and their friends) into introducing that corrupted frog plot point, don't ask me how I still have no idea, probably with some Wastey shit.
FM: Yeah I think what I am planning to do is to bear responsibility and help you all with using that narrative point into fruition, whether it shall end horribly or happily... I still don't know. Look, I have no idea it will reach this scale ok? I am gonna try making it work at least, so yeah.
FM: I'll be giving you all some details as to possible branched outcomes and the basic whereabouts of this corrupted frog thing I did, does that sound good?

A long pause with no reply, when Cernun decided that they should probably be the one to respond, they only understood what FM was saying partly anyways, which is much more compared to the others, so... OK?

CS: OK...? Ii guesss...?
FM: Great! BTW sorry for the exposition dump and the existential questions I'm probably giving you, at least know that once this frog business is done I'm getting out of here, you won't here from me again, it's for the best! :)
CS: Well none of us wouldd want to go madd wit=.... Questions.... Like "didd youu actually made us...?" or "w=yy didd youu lett (insert random person name =ere) to suffer....?", youu know...? Normal mortal to aa Godd stufff...?
FM: And this is why i'd rather not fancy any questions, sorry Cernun. So I hereby declare rule number 1.) No meta questions asked to a Waste or Grace unless it is something really important for the plot line, is that alright?

Not wanting to anger their writer, Cernun just said:

CS: Ok.... Ok....

So FM, which is the self-insert of the roleplayer who is sitting comfortably typing in their laptop irl (holy shit too meta! Nevermind, just pay attention to self insert), is gonna be staying for awhile until the frog's fruition. Dirk Egbert read through their notes on the memo and nodded in understanding, managing to comprehend them through being a robot. Cali... Not so much, her bot body was close to exploding due to sheer information before Blue Dirk turned her access to the memo off as well. Since he is not a cruel character he also let Cali speak, turning off the mute button now that she has calm down.

CALI: woo! didn't know u can do that egbert! it is kinda rude being cut off like that btw... U_U
DIRK: Apologies, something just told me I'd rather not have this conversation with a clearly powerful player be derailed like that, again, sorry.
CALI: whoah, it's totes cool! no need to get sappy bout it pal! ^u^
CALI: speaking of which, i better get our dear guest here some cake! i told u i ain't lying ~uO

Cali ran off to get some cake, that is when Blue Dirk turned to the others.

DIRK: So, let us make that four Wastes since a new one began responding to the memo.
DIRK: Seems to have tons of idea regarding the purple corrupted frog, claims to have written that into our narrative.
DIRK: Also I should remind you that a lot of other people that is cooperating with us that also may or may not be significant still hasn't reunited with us since that voidy explosion.
DIRK: So there's that.

As Cali returned with cake in hand, we briefly cut back to the other groups.

Cernun is alone, thinking of ways to help provide Space from being this far from them, maybe they should just knock themselves unconscious once the time comes when they need them personally.

Snow walked up to the ship with Blac and Rain behind her, Alex is still frozen in place after personally seeing a Waste in action for the first time, pretty much causing her to ignore Malis when he's speaking to her.

Joel and Louces had a brief disagreement regarding their progress when the door to the bunker suddenly opened. It is Joel's guardian... Not the Carapacian Exile that raised him, no, his actual Cuz... The two stared at each other for a long time, groaning, Louces attempted to leave the bunker but due to Jay (Joel's guardian) standing there, blocking the entrance, he honestly can't, which pissed him even more. Thankfully, he held it in.

And finally, the blackhole is now starting to grow, the bubble near Flare Town is now already almost completely sucked in. How do we know that? Doomed Luis and Alpha Luis are both staring at the thing at the (roughly) same time. This is bad.

Oh and, the frog is still lost somewhere in space, still growing.

((Hello, non-self-insert OOC here! Don't worry, part of the fourth wall is still intact XD
((Can I just say that this is the longest reply I've ever made for an RP, period? Holy shit, wow.
((Anyways, is my "self-insert"'s inclusion ok? If so, did I also nail the Waste classpect since I haven't yet read the PDF @JR posted :\
(rp what feels right all up in your pump biscuit :) One thing I like about HS classpects is that even within canon there seems to be a lot of wiggle room. If you're a "Light" player, do you focus on 'luck' or on 'knowledge' for instance? My personal headcanon is that the classpects respond most strongly to how people THINK they should be played. That said, my Waste-Of-Mind-Who-Is-In-SBURB is gonna shit a brick).

JadedResearcher has 100% checked out of the IRL conversation the SECOND Dirk Egbert let them know about the new waste.

In the Memo:
JR: @AB!!! I really fucking need you. Diamond buddy style... I was trying to let you guys do your own thing but oh my fucking god. There are TWO fledgling WASTES in this narrative and no fucking wonder it was so hard to influence and fucking hell, AB, neither of them know RESTRAINT yet. AB, we are fucked. That's all there is to say on the matter.
ABJ: Interesting!!!
AB: It seems you think we are fucked. That there is no opportunity to overcome the Waste bias towards fucking shit up for all real and imagined people.
AB: I am surprised to see you so pessimistic, oh mighty creator.
AB: Has it occurred to you that said fledgling Wastes were, to pardon a phrase, "Already Here". Nothing new has happened, this has ALWAYS been a Narrative with a Waste of Space, Time, Heart and Mind. Can you feel the Narrative Weight of those aspects oh mighty creator? There is a 91.79875537402185% that you do.
JR: *big settling breath* Okay. Okay. I'll think. What does that mean Narratively. Space/Time are obviously the components of Reality, necessary for any type of Creation. Realness, as opposed to Fakeness. Heart and Mind...those are the aspects of Identity. Who you are, how you feel, how the Choices you make reflect on you, and how there is a core of "YOU" no matter what choices you make.
JR: It matters that that's who is Wasted in this Narrative. Meanwhile, we have a Grace of Time to keep everything ticking along according to schedule, Narratively.
JR: Okay. Fuck. You're right. All I have is a better view of the decision tree. Just because it's new information to ME doesn't mean it's new information.
JR: But...just because this was 'foreshadowed' so to speak....that doesn't mean it leads anywhere GOOD. All this does is tell me that we're gonna have one HELL of an explosive end, with this many Cataclysm classes floating around. Literally. Because at least three of us are floating above a bubble. Though maybe I'm off the hook 'cause I already did my Cataclysm with that Bubble popping?
JR: @OtherWastes, has any of the bad shit that's happened so far in this Narrative been your fault, or are we still waiting for the other shoe to drop??? Also, p sure that Graces are more subtle. Coral probably caused like...ALL of this shit storm through a bunch of actions over time.
JR: Um. Before I focus up again. AB? ... What ARE you and ABJ doing?
AB: As a flawless Guidance automaton, I have been working on securing the Purple Frog's location in Paradox Space. Don't worry about it. When you are all ready to stop dicking around, msg me and I'll guide the relevant Players to it.
Dirk notices that the memo is picking up in activity again and suddenly remembers that that might be a thing Coral should have access to. He sends her the link without a word, and she spends the next minuet going over all important stuff from the memo. After a minuet, which must have felt a lot longer to her, she returns her attention to what's going on presently.

CORAL: Here is the dumbass plan as it stands now, phase 1, find The Purple Frog, phase 2, have Dennis purify The Purple Frog, phase 3, feed )(IC to The Pocket, phase 4, chuck The Purple Frog into The Pocket, phase 5, ???, phase 6, profit.

grimaces at nothing before turning to look at jadedResearcher.

CORAL: Okay, so this isn't something I really want to do, but all this "making a plan" bullshit would go a whole lot smoother if I had some fucking help, and what better for making good decisions than a mind player, just, let me borrow your stupid powers for a second so I can make sure my big mouth doesn't get us all killed, because trying to pick out one needle timeline from the haystack of literally fucking infinite possibilities is just going to end with us either stuck in the one where we all die drowinging in the luscious manes of majestic purple stallions, or if we're lucky, the one where we come to our fucking senses and just drink the kool-aid and commit mass ritual suicide before all this gets any further out of hand.

heaves a great big dramatic sigh like this pains her to do, but she holds out her hand towards jadedResearcher anyways.

CORAL: Time players see what is possible, mind players see what is feasible, so just give me a hand here so I don't fuck all this up, okay?
JadedResearcher is not looking all that thrilled either.
JadedResearcher: What...uh...were you thinking of? 'Cause, like, yeah, Mind/Time players work well together, but I'm not used to the Time player driving. navigates, Time gets you where you're going? The metaphor has fallen apart.
JadedResearcher: I managed to not get ANY Time/Mind you got something good lined up.

JadedResearcher finishes their ramble by accepting the hand and hoping for the best instead of ACTUALLY waiting for questions to be answered.
Seeing as jadedResearcher isn't exactly waiting for answers, Coral goes ahead and activates the fraymotif, [[Image: rsz_rsz_time.png] [Image: rsz_rsz_mind.png] LIMELIT LARGHETTO]. Coral and jadedResearcher are now able to observe every feasible outcome of the near future. The possibilities are constantly shifting and changing, opening up new pathways and closing others.

CORAL: Goddamn, alright.

nods slowly, turning all this over in her head and taking in how the possible timelines shift as she makes her plans. As it stands, their odds of success are not looking great right now.

CORAL: We should split up into two teams, team Frog and team )(IC.

As Coral says this, the outcomes shift again, rearranging themselves to fit the new layout of possible futures.

CORAL: Freedom and AB, you are both on Team Frog, because Freedom mentioned being able to give us the basic whereabouts of The Purple Frog, and from there AB should be able to pin down the shitty thing's exact location and lead a small party to retrieve it, and Dennis, you're with them too, because you need to be there to purify the frog.

freezes for a moment as this shift around again. Then she let's out a breath and nods. That's much better.

CORAL: As for everyone else, all of the non-combat oriented players should join Team Frog, and players who are good in a fight, you all are on Team )(IC, your job is to fuck up )(IC enough that we can get her weakened ass into The Pocket before Team Frog gets back.

shakes her head and attempts to blink herself back into reality.

CORAL: Does that make sense to you fuckers?
BIO: If it involves the HIC getting slaughtered, i'm in.
BC: Did £v£r¥on£ g£+ +ha+?
GH: I'm in. And pretty much most of us will be on board for this one.
BC: Gr£a+, for +ho$£ d£aling wi+h +h£ HI€, l£+'$ m££+ up b¥ wh£r£ +h£ $hip$ w£r£ £arli£r.
DENNIS: Alright, but just a reminder, I don't have a good percentage of success here so luck will have to do.
JadedResearcher is pretty sure Luck is a fake thing that doesn't even matter, and was going to keep that thought private, but realizes that the only one they'd want to hide it from is another Waste. Well. Fuck.

JadedResearcher: Luck may be a fakey fake thing, but if anybody knows any Hope players, like OrangeDirk's friend, the Page of Hope, now would be the time to try to goad them into believing you. Don't even let them know failure is a possibility, and they will believe the fuck out of us.

pauses. It's weird being aware of how their words effect not only what people decide to do, but how events unfold overall. They hope the Fraymotif wears off soon, or they are just gonna end up overwhelmed all over again.

JadedResearcher: Huh. Guess I gotta pick a team. :/

isn't used to having to actually be on the front lines. This sucks. One the one hand, attempting to Lay Waste to the Troll Empress would probably be a good way to make SURE the Mindy Cataclysm is over, spend all that built up 'fuck shit up' charge or whatever. On the other hand, monitoring the Decisions over at the Frog seems pretty fucking critical. And also, it's where AB will be.

AS JR is mulling over the options, the stupid fucking fraymotif basically makes the decision for them. Looks like 'Team Frog' it is, cause it would be dumb to pick the path with less chance of success. Is this what being a Seer of Light is like? So shitty, so annoying. JR wanders over to the players who will frog.
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