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((Alright, now all that's left to do is jump back into it! If you have any side quest bullshit you want to wrap up, you've got a narrow window of opportunity to do it now before the plot kicks in.))
JadedReseracher has made it to the Denizen's area. The shitty explosions still suck. They don't see anybody, and are not surprised about this.

The AuthorBot is floating outside of John's house, watching the approaching flames. Presumably Nate and Killius and whoever else was at the Cake party is with her.

AuthorBotJunior is in the middle of a consort village, watching everything burn. Things are finally interesting again.

[Image: 62.png]

In a magnificent show of strength and willpower, Junior tears his eyes away from the entrancing chaos that is Consort Cake Party. Enough is enough, this has gone on too long! Someone needs to put a stop to their hypnotising hilarity, and Junior is going to be the one to do it. He starts zipping around and attempting to herd the frantic consorts outside. Thank fuck they're not cat consorts, salamanders are much easier to work with. Eventually, Junior manages to get the last of the consorts out of the room and slams the door shut. Now everyone should be able to return to usefulness. Mission success, yet another shining mark on a perfect track record. Junior is very proud. Prefect timing too, the light of the flames coming in through the windows are getting brighter. It's time to get the fuck out of here.

Meanwhile, outside the burning bubble - because every bubble they visit becomes a burning bubble given enough time. Whether its because of a Doomy thing, meteors crashing into ships, or oil fires, the bubble will eventually burn. Such is the nature of universal constants - Dirk and Roxy continue to chill in relative safety. Not total safety, because The Pocket is still a thing that continues to expand with every moment, but relative safety compared to being surrounded by an oil fire. Dirk has moved on to playing some shitty, off-brand My Little Pony flash game that would probably give him a virus if he weren't so fucking smooth. Roxy is studying the sky, searching for constellation patterns in the neon cracks that color the void. Because of this, it's Roxy who first notices the disturbance. Not too far from where they are, just a little ways up and to the right, the recognisable twirling red gears of a time players powers pops into existence with a sound like the tock of a grandfather clock. The mess of red gears shrinks into itself, and leaves behind a person in an unfamiliar looking godtier outfit. She's got brown hair that's short and light, and she looks annoyed and uncomfortable. When she notices Roxy staring and meets her eyes, the stranger begins floating in their direction. Roxy nudges Dirk, who finally looks up from his game to notice the approaching figure for the first time.

DIRK: Well this should be interesting.
(eee, I know, the hat just slays me. KR is a genius. )

In the Memo:
JR: *sigh* Guys. I remain lost. What's the plan here. Has anybody found Jo
JR: fuck, these almost-EXPLOSIONS are only getting worse.
JR: a;sldkfj;
JR: Has anybody found John?
JR: Has anybody died in a stupid fire that ABJ almost certainly caused.
JR: Should we just leave this shitty, shitty bubble!???

AB: We're mostly just trying not to die in this stupid fire, at this point. Why did we let ABJ be unsupervised on a planet made of bad decisions?
JR: Fuck everything, I'm leaving this shitty planet.
AB: Sure you don't need directions?
JR: OMFG, it was ONE TIME that I forgot you could just fly up to leave a planet. I had JUST god tiered, cut me some slack.

JadedResearcher begins floating up away from LOWAS, trying ineffectively to avoid the airborne almost explosions.
((I hereby revive this dying memo!! ;)

Dirk Egbert and Cali Strider are all somehow outside John's In Dream House now, very confused about the commencing shenanigans, honestly they seem to have forgotten what the hell are they even doing.

Don't forget there's also the zombie planet crew hastily building a new Airship through falling materials from HIC's fallen ships as well as some stuff the Lab crew personally sent to them.

And Joel and Louces has business of their own in past post SBURB beta Earth, though even their roleplayer forgot what they're supposed to be doing.

One can only guess the frustration going through the Grace right now.
Bio was passed out. While he was dreaming, the HIC and him had a little bit of a chat. It didn't end well, as Bio woke up in pure anger.
The zombie planet crew was building hard at work while Malis was working his magic on Alex.
Malis I swear to fuck if you don't help I will kill you of-
i swear im not hussie *que space pants, fidget spinners and roleplay scourge sisters*

Vic is rushing away from all the madness shenanigans with Luis in his arms. He doesn't want her to die from all of this.
Meanwhile, Dave is hanging with Dirk S. He was hoping to find John soon.
((I am so sorry, I've been really busy lately. Hopefully this Great Wall of Exposition makes up for it. It's one of the seven wonders of Paradox Space. Who knew there were so many colors called "coral"? I tried to pick a nice one, because there's going to be a lot of it coming up.))

The stranger floats over to Dirk and Roxy, talking to herself the whole way.

???: God fucking damnit, I really didn't want to get into the thick of things, but you fuckers can't get anything done, can you, oh my god, this whole thing is so fucked.
DIRK: Can't argue with that.

She stops for a second and looks at Dirk in confusion, as if she's shocked he actually responded to her mumbled ramblings. Dirk just stares at her impassively, quietly studying the newcomer behind his shades. Roxy, also staring at the stranger, decides that she has to be the responsible one and move on from the awkward moment.

ROXY: um
ROXY: srry if this is rude but
ROXY: who r u?

???: Oh, uh, right, I'm Coral, the Grace of Time, I'm pretty sure you've all figure it out at this point, so I'll just skip right to it, this is kind of sort of my fault.

Dirk raises a single eyebrow. He doesn't know exactly what she's talking about, but he's not going to let her know that.

DIRK: Kind of sort of?
CORAL: Kind of sort of definetly, yeah, but I am going to make up for it, that's why I'm here.
ROXY: what do u mean? ur responsible 4 what?
CORAL: A lot of things, actually, in this case, the black hole.
ROXY: The Pocket
CORAL: Oh no, I know I'm going to hate the answer, but what the fuck is The Pocket?
ROXY: that's what weve been callin the black hole thingy destroyin the afterlife
CORAL: Fucking fuck, the color automatically changed when we said it, that only happens with important shit, that means that that piece of shit still has narrative significance outside of Hussie's narrative, that's just fan-fucking-tastic, this is going to be harder than I thought.
ROXY: ...u can hear colors?
DIRK: Is that really the most important thing you got out of that?
CORAL: I mean, yeah, like when you type it it looks normal, then it changes color when you post it, it's the same thing, but with words.
DIRK: Is that really the part you should be elaborating on?
CORAL: Right, so Hussie, no wait, you were calling him something else, you've been referring to him by his title I think, so then, the Huss of Lips, hahaha, that's a really old joke, so the Waste of Space, he's the one who was fucking around with your session.
DIRK: We figured that much out on our own, so where do you come in?
CORAL: Well, we're from the same session, and we were friends for a pretty long time, so when he asked me to limit the possibility branches for a pet project of his, I agreed.
ROXY: u did what? :?
CORAL: Fucking shit, please don't do the faces, those things give me a headache, anyway, I made it possible for him to fuck with your sessions the way he did, creating a chain of mutations that otherwise wouldn't have been possible, and once I realised what he was trying to do it was impossible to stop him, because the clever dickbag wrote himself into his own narrative, and I can't interact with anything that's under the narrative a Waste as powerful as he is unless he writes me in to let me, same reason you probably can't interact with any of the people from the alpha timeline.
ROXY: (does she ever stop to breathe?)
CORAL: Since then I've been messing with anything I could find that he was lazy enough to leave out, hoping to find a way get through to him before the fucking moron ran right down the path that gets himself killed, the stupid piece of shit just doesn't THINK!
CORAL: By including himself in his narrative he put himself in direct danger of the ultimate, unbeatable bad guy.
CORAL: Pretty sure he went and got himself killed and there's nothing I can do about it.
CORAL: He wouldn't even listen to me.
CORAL: That fuck!

ROXY: girl breathe!
ROXY: ur turning as red as ur robey thing.

CORAL: Yeah, I'm fine, I'm good.
ROXY: u sure?
CORAL: Yes, now fuck off, and then fuck right back over here, because I'm not done yet.
DIRK: I beginning to regret I ever asked.
CORAL: I got lucky with predominant Calliope, she was possibly the biggest plot point that Hussie was to lazy to include, or maybe he finally realised how fucking deep he'd gotten himself and she was his way of reaching out, I don't fucking know, the inner working of that man's mind are the world's stupidest fucking enigma, anyway, I made it so Calliope would predominate and ultimately create the black hole that ends this chain of stupidity and saves his ass from double death, and I was hoping that since Calliope created the black hole under Hussie's narrative it would lose its significance with the end of his story, because things without any significance are real fucking simple to clear out of the way, but it looks like my lucks run dry because that fucker is still firmly in the "significant shit" category.
DIRK: Well what are you going to do about it then?
ROXY: and why r u tellin us all this stuff?
CORAL: I'm going to finish what I started with that stupid fucking black hole, and then I'm going to find Hussie's ghost and revive him so I can kill that goddamn moron myself, and you all are going to help me.
BIO: Wai+, $o +hi$ gu¥ €au$£d all our $uff£ring?. I'm in, l£+'$ kill +ha+ pri€k. *Suddenly with Rox and Dirk cuz voidy powers?*
DAVE: hey if this douche nozzle caused all the shit that i had to deal with i have no problem with killing him.

DENNIS(le me): You. Coral what the fuck ya doin? I thought this Hussie revenge shit was on hold because of Ani-Con? Why now and why are you harassing my children of the lab to do your bidding?
Dennis is a Waste of Heart. He wrote most of the lab session and then the Huss took over and screwed it up. And so he is back, with his modified godtier outfit, fur hoodie, and casual bottle of faygo in hand. ((dis ok?
Coral glances at Dennis, then gives him a half-hearted shrug.

CORAL: Yeah, I don't know who you are, so you've probably met a future version of me, and probably an alternate version of me too, because I don't plan on putting operation Kick Some Sense Into Fuckstick on hold for anything, especially whatever Ani-Con is.

While Coral is talking to Dennis, Dirk and Roxy are having their own conversation.

DIRK: I'll let everyone in the memo know what Coral told us.
ROXY: good idea
ROXY: actshually, where is everyone?

DIRK: According to the memo, almost everyone else is still in the dream bubble.
ROXY: found john yet?
DIRK: Nope. It's looking more and more likely that he's not here.
DAVE: yea where the fuck is john. i was like expecting him to he with you guys on that rescue mission.
BIO: +hing$ go+ €ompli€a+£d $+rid£r.
DAVE: nothing ever does go to plan so thats nothing new.
BIO: Did I m£n+ion +ha+ +h£ HI€ i$ hun+ing u$?
DENNIS: This is stupid. If only Huss didn't fuck up the lab session, then MAYBE I wouldn't have to be here to fix this shit. But, Coral, since i'm an author and a waste, I think I can write you in. But It'll be complicated since both stories are mixed with each other. But then again it's best to try anyway. *Pulls out a glowing notebook and weird gem pen* So where should I start?
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